White House Aide Attacked for Disciplining His Wife

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 8, 2018

Maybe instead of attacking the man, we should be asking what this bitch did to deserve the black eye?

Fox News:

White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter could be leaving the Trump administration as early as Thursday, a source told Fox News, amid questions over the internal handling of domestic abuse allegations against him.

Porter, who denies the allegations, announced his resignation on Wednesday and had been expected to stay on for a period of time to ensure a smooth transition. But with photos circulating showing one of his two ex-wives with what appears to be a black eye, the departure could be moved up.

The case also has raised questions for Chief of Staff John Kelly, who initially defended Porter. New reports say some aides were aware of the allegations for months.

Kelly now says he was “shocked” by the new accusations against the senior Trump aide.

Kelly said: “There is no place for domestic violence in our society. I stand by my previous comments of the Rob Porter that I have come to know since becoming Chief of Staff, and believe every individual deserves the right to defend their reputation. I accepted his resignation earlier today, and will ensure a swift and orderly transition.”

DailyMail.com first published a photo of one ex-wife’s bruised face. Colbie Holderness told the outlet that Porter choked and punched her during their marriage. The black eye allegedly came from him punching her in Italy more than a decade ago.

I joke about beating women a lot, because I think it’s funny. But of course, I am not someone who endorses the kike Hollywood version of domestic violence, where a man just comes home and starts hitting his wife for no reason. I think that probably doesn’t happen in real life very often, if at all. More than likely, a woman who gets a black eye from her husband did something to deserve it – for example, getting in his face or otherwise refusing to stop nagging him.

If I tell a friend that I was arrested last night, the person will not assume the cops just randomly grabbed me off the street. They will say “what did you do?” Of course, it is possible for cops to just randomly grab someone, but it is not the obvious or statistically likely option. In the overwhelming majority of cases, if a person is arrested, it is because they did something. Even if the thing that they did was not something that it is agreed upon is a reason to arrest someone, the fact remains that they almost certainly did SOMETHING.

The cops have authority over civilians, just as a husband has authority over his wife. Of course, the husband has more authority over his wife than the cops have over a civilian, as the cop is only able to exercise authority to the extent of the law, while the husband is able to give orders to his wife based on his internal perception of what she should be doing. The woman gives him this authority in marriage.

So the natural question, when a woman has a black eye and says her husband did it, should be: what did you do?

Women regularly use violent imagery when portraying their war against male authority, then they whine like babies when they get punched in the face. What gives?

If she says “I didn’t do anything – I was just sitting on the couch and he came home from work and rushed me, just punched me straight in the face and started laughing,” then in that case you’ve got yourself what appears on its face to be a genuine case of domestic abuse. Actually however, that would appear on its face to be a lie, unless the man is deranged and/or mentally ill. But if it turned out to be true, okay. Fair enough. A man shouldn’t be randomly punching his wife. That is anti-social.

Of course, then you would have to ask: “why did you marry a man who is mentally unstable if you didn’t want to get randomly punched?” She will invariably answer “I didn’t know,” but then if that is the case, how did she not know? There were just no signs whatsoever that this man she was making the decision to be with for the rest of her life was the kind of man who would just punch you in the face for no reason? Is she dumb to the point of being incapable of running her own life and making adult decisions? Should she be made a ward of the state, due to having a feeble mind?

If she in fact has a reason for what she did that led the man to punch her in the face, such as “we were in an argument,” but believes he went too far, then there is room to discuss whether or not he went too far, especially if she is seriously hurt or if it has happened multiple times before. However, if it is the first time and all it is is a bruised eye, the obvious thing to do is to tell her to stop whining and behave better for her husband.

Listen-up, sugartits: Well behaved women rarely get punched in the face. And the only women I’ve ever heard of making history were prostitutes or Jewish tools. 

I have no idea if Rob Porter is a madman wife-beater. I believe that statistically speaking, women who get beaten usually deserve it. However, he’s got two ex-wives and they’re both saying they were abused, so there is definitely a pattern there. But the idea that these women couldn’t pick-up on anything about him leading them to believe he might be a dominating figure before their marriages is not believable.

Just generally, unless there is some kind of extreme beating, I think it is between the two individuals what goes on in their home, and not the interest of the larger society or the state.

What society can do to prevent things like this from happening between individuals is restore the natural order of the family, where the man reigns supreme over his wife. When that norm is encouraged and reinforced, women will be much more likely to obey their husbands instead of misbehaving, and thus much less likely to get punched in the face.