White Legends: Heroes Ransdell and Heimbach Troll Black Baseball Whiners!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2015

Robert Ransdell: Straight gangsta
Robert Ransdell: Straight gangsta

Two of the greatest White Legends stood victorious over an organized mob of Black whiners in Cincinnati on Wednesday, demonstrating plainly the glory of the Aryan race, in the process providing content for the greatest 140 second news clip I’ve ever seen in my life.

It is even better than that time Zyklon Ben Garrison and Bane got on Fox.

Robert Ransdell and Matthew Heimbach disrupted and agitated at yet another “racial injustice” event, wherein a group of crybabies was giving a press conference about how sad it is that Black people get arrested for committing crimes.

The Blacks were trying to talk about how they wanted to use the All-Star baseball game to create awareness about their feelings.

Only a half-dozen White men were required to completely shut down the idiot tearfest, proving once again that we possess great power and need only exercise it in order to obtain total victory over our enemies.

Bobby Hilton, supreme Negro of Word Deliverance Ministries, wanted to have a chat with our boys.

“If you can’t have an intelligent conversation, move on,” Hilton said. “Let’s come together. Can we come together?”

“Not at all,” replied Hero Robert Ransdell. Straight gangsta.

tfw you know calling someone a racist isn't going to help your situation in any way
tfw you know calling someone a racist isn’t going to help your situation in any way

You’ll notice that none of the Blacks tried any of that “dey rassis” crap – they don’t do that to people who openly identify as racist because they know they won’t get the response they are looking for. And this proves – once again – that every time a Black calls a person racist, they are looking for a response – it is a psychological power-grab. They honestly don’t care if you hate them.

Black people do have ridiculous, childlike emotions, but White people’s feelings toward them only matter as much as these feelings are able to help them get things from us.

“You’re a racist” always means “get down below me, Whitey, for you are morally inferior.” If they know you don’t play that game, they don’t bother.

Instead, the Blacks tried to play like they were reasonable people, but if they were actually reasonable people, they wouldn’t be holding this event in the first place.

When Matt Parrott isn't defending feminism on the internet, he's out on the street kicking ass and taking names.  Respect.
When Matt Parrott isn’t defending feminism on the internet, he’s out on the street kicking ass and taking names. And these are not easy names to take – how the hell do you spell “Lashankqua”? Much respect.

But the hero Ransdell wasn’t having any of that jibba-jabba.

“How many decades are we going to accommodate the behavior of black criminals?” Ransdell asked the whiners and the media looking on.

Two other Black pastors were quoted by Cincinnati.com, and neither used the word “racist” when describing the incident.

Chris Beard, pastor of Peoples Church in Cincinnati, just said he was frustrated by someone disagreeing with him. “We have to be able to talk about race in this country,” he said. “We have to talk about it.”

I agree. And the first step is for Blacks to stop calling everyone racist. Ransdell and Heimbach seem to have forced that step.

The Rev. Damon Lynch III said it was the 1960s all over again.

“What we saw today is nothing new,” Lynch said. “It’s what we’ve seen in the civil rights movement from the beginning: Angry white people espousing their views, trying to stop us from moving forward.”

Again, no r-word.

The media itself didn’t even use the r-word.

This is what has broken our people’s capacity to resist: being moved by name-calling. Like a bunch of little girls with hurt feelings.

The amount of media coverage this has already received – and it will go national by tomorrow morning – proves that all we have to do to get the attention we need is to man up and take action.

And finally, real White men are doing just that.

God bless them.

Robert emailed me after the event: “It is not that hard to break through that Jew media curtain, have to have the guts to do this sort of thing,” he wrote. “Political guerilla warfare on display today.”

More on this event to come.