White Lives Matter Protest in England!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2016

Awesome White Lives Matter protest in Margate, England on Saturday.

The kike media is calling it a “flop,” even though they were forced to cover it.

The Telegraph:

Around 40 far-right protestors descended on the Kent town for the event, publicised on the White Lives Matter UK Facebook page as a “peaceful march … in support of deprived and depressed white communities throughout the country.”

“Margate is over 95 per cent white and yet a third of the children live below the financial poverty line, 30 per cent of neighbourhoods are in the poorest 10 per cent of those in the country,” the group said. “The lives of these white people matter.”

A YouTube video promoting the event, thought to be the first in Britain held under the ‘White Lives Matter’ banner, featured a song with the lyrics: “We will never be enslaved by a Zionist master plan.”

However, the demonstration was met with a noisy counter-protest from groups chanting “Nazi scum, off our streets” and “refugees are welcome here.”

And look – there were White men there.


Who are the White men who are at this point still protesting in favor of the invasion? They pretty much have to be actual perverts, fixated on the idea of little White girls getting raped and trafficked.

Because there isn’t any more room for doubt about what “refugees welcome” means.