White Man May Never Walk Again After He and His GF Get Attacked by Sheboons Outside a Pittsburgh McDonald’s

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

Footage of the chimping starts at 0:40.

McDonald’s attracts the noggiest coons out there. If you can see from the outside that the place is teeming with jiggy wiggies, just go somewhere else.

Don’t be like this eternal boomer, who strolled into chimp-occupied territory without a care in the world and will now probably spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.


A second McDonald’s employee has been charged in a downtown Pittsburgh assault that may leave a man paralyzed.

Pittsburgh Police say they received calls about a man in the street who had been punched unconscious and a female who had been pepper-sprayed outside the McDonald’s on Wood Street around 10:15 p.m. Monday.

That man, 62-year-old Marc Conn, is now fighting to walk again at Allegheny General Hospital after undergoing a five-hour surgery on his spine.

His family said he could not speak because his vocal cords were crushed, along with one side of his face.

Marc Conn.

Police say surveillance video shows an argument staring with an unknown male and Conn, along with his longtime girlfriend Billie Jo Goldsworthy, inside the McDonald’s.

When Conn tried to pull his girlfriend away, the criminal complaint says two McDonald’s employees intervened and could be seen pushing and punching Goldsworthy, who police say appeared to be pushing back.

Police said Conn’s girlfriend continued to argue with employees and customers outside before she was pepper-sprayed, dragged to the ground by her hair and punched repeatedly.

The video shows Conn on the phone, and police say he was trying to call 911.

Police say when Conn tried to assist his girlfriend and break up the fight, he was also attacked and knocked unconscious.

Video footage shows Davis punching Conn once into the back of the head, causing Conn to fall face-first onto the pavement.

The first McDonald’s employee was identified as Roneese Davis. She was arrested Tuesday on aggravated assault charges.

The second McDonald’s worker has been identified as Kaniya Martin. On Wednesday, she was charged with simple assault.

Roneese Davis. No photo of the second negress yet.

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