White Man Who Can’t Swim Tries to Save Black Man Who Can’t Swim – Both Drown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018

So this black guy who couldn’t swim went for a swim:

And this white guy who couldn’t swim tried to save him:

Both drown.

Could there be a more perfect metaphor for the entire situation of Western civilization?

The Sun:

This is the horrifying moment two men were sucked to their deaths after battling strong currents in a US river.

Frantic onlookers shouted and screamed as they filmed the pair “sinking like rocks” – but at no point did one of them try to save the men.

In the video, shot in Buffalo on Monday, a man can be heard yelling: “They’re gonna die in there…I ain’t going in there.”

Another witness urges them to “grab the wood,” referring to a log that one of the men attempts to use as a buoy.

But the current is so powerful that the log slips and spins and the man is again dragged under.

At one point the two men cling to each other in a desperate bid for survival. Seconds later, the clip suddenly ends.

The bodies of Mario Guthrie, 29, and 46-year-old Scott Vater, were recovered an hour later by underwater rescue divers.

This is EXACTLY the story of the modern situation of the white man: feeling pity for brown people who put themselves in a bad situation, trying to help them, then destroying themselves in the process.

We need to internalize this metaphor.