White Men at War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

Currently, many white people feel bad for brown people who are invading our countries and taking our things. They feel bad because they have children, or they’re poor and pathetic, or whatever. And this feeling of sympathy for the enemy leads to an inclination to simply surrender.

When it comes to the historical narratives about white men at war, there are two concepts implicitly presented, sometimes both at once:

  1. White men were historically soulless murder machines who had no sympathy for other humans
  2. The people who we fought in previous wars were some kind of soulless robots who maybe didn’t have women and children who suffered when they lost wars

Both of these things are untrue.

Our basic psyches have been the same for all of recorded history. There was no period when white men were more or less inclined to self-reflection and empathy than they are now.

During wars against Moslems or Indians or whoever, of course there was sympathy for the enemy when he showed his weaknesses. Whether they saw women and children harmed by the death of the enemy’s men, or simply saw elements of humanity in the men they were required to kill, our ancestors didn’t do so soullessly, and they understood that the enemy were people who experienced a range of emotions similar to their own.

It was a part of the struggle of warfare to overcome the emotions that go along with hurting and killing others. Maybe it was the biggest struggle that white men dealt with when at war. But war is always about protection of your own, and so they overcame those emotions and won the wars, because they felt stronger emotions for their own than they did for the other.

Right now, we are not even required to kill anyone. All we are required to do is deny them entry to our countries and remove those already here without using any unnecessary force. We are told this will make their lives more difficult, which I assume is true. But if this stirs emotions in us, it is our job to overcome those emotions and understand that we have to deny them this easier life in order to protect ourselves from them.

Just as the modern man is physically weak, he is emotionally weak, and believes himself incapable of becoming stronger and overcoming the challenges that face him.

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