White Model to Sue Black Cosby Over Rape Allegations

Fox News
October 8, 2015

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Chloe Goins was molested by Cosby while she was unconscious.

A model who has accused Bill Cosby of drugging her at the Playboy Mansion in 2008 sued the comedian on Tuesday for sexual assault.

Chloe Goins’ lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles seeks punitive damages for a variety of problems she says she has endured since the incident, including mental anguish, loss of self-esteem and dignity.

Goins’ lawyer, Spencer Kuvin, would not specify how much money the model is seeking.

“It is far too early in the process to address any questions regarding the potential for monetary damages that may result from this lawsuit,” he told FOX411. “Now that we’ve filed this lawsuit, our primary focus will be to force Mr. Cosby to publicly address the facts of the sexual assault that occurred in 2008 and hold him accountable for his vile actions.”

The lawsuit states, “Bill Cosby touched an intimate part of Chloe Goins’ body while she was seriously disabled and/or unconscious.”

Goins’ lawyer insisted there is still a chance the model’s claims could put Cosby behind bars.

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Over 40 women have now alleged that Bill Cosby forced himself up on them.

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office said last week that it is reviewing a police investigation into Goins’ allegations for a possible criminal case against Mr. Cosby. There is no timetable for when a decision will be made. Goins met with police detectives in January.

“The matter is now under review by the state’s attorney…” Kuvin said. “The DA now has the file for review from the Los Angeles Police Department. We are hopeful that they will bring charges against Mr. Cosby.”

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