White People Be Going Crazy

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2018

First things first. Check out this new Vice video:

Fight that knee-jerk “das degenerate” for a moment and look carefully at what you’re seeing.

I see White people desperately trying to get all Tribal.


Why is this happening? Why are all these people doing bizarre dances in the jungles of Columbia, decorating themselves with body paint and talking about spirituality?

I’ll tell you why. It is because White people have outgrown their own native culture like an infant shedding his smaller clothes. We are the only people – except probably the Japs and Chinese – who have done this.

Modernity has stripped us bare of the trapping of our native cultures, and replaced it with nothing, leaving us shivering and naked. It is unsurprising that White people are trying to return to the primordial, to the warm hearth fire of ritual and spirituality.

Yes, the Hippies in the video are being degenerates – but it’s not for the reason you might think.

In fact, there’s a great book on the topic that I like to shill from time to time to get you guys up to speed: The SWPL Question.

The chapter on Hippies has this to say:

…the Hippies had “gone native” voluntarily. They had chosen to sacrifice the air conditioners and modern comforts that their racial and economic position in life could have easily afforded them. You can bet your bottom dollar that these were all either middle-class or even upper middle class young adults.

I have NEVER observed other races engaging in similar activity.

This desire to go native is a result of that deep feeling of discontent that the Hipster feel as well. I could say the exact same thing for the Burning Man and similar cultural festivals where people do drugs and crazy things to rebel against the humdrum of middle-class suburban living.

Modern middle-class suburban life lacks meaning.

By going tribal, these hippies feel that they are being authentic. To feel part of a tribe or a culture is a deep yearning that goes unfulfilled with most modern people. The middle class is profoundly divorced from their “tribe” and they feel lost without it. Not only that, but they feel repulsed by their lower class white neighbors. This is the result of their upbringing and inherited class consciousness. But they do not feel this same repulsion for foreign cultures that they perceive to be “down to earth.” Hence the interest in Hindu, Buddhist, Daoist, and Shamanistic cultures. Hippies descend on remote villages in the South American rainforest to hear the babblings of an Incan witch doctor, and roll around in the dirt while high on Ayahuasca. This of course isn’t ‘low class’- it’s authentic!

The tribal tattoos from some Pacific Islander tribe, the African style piercings like gauges, and natural drug use are all part of this “down to earth” impulse. All of it feels more authentic and real than the respectable life of the modern bourgeois. It makes them feel like they belong to something arcane, primal and deep-rooted.

Now, White people have a tribal history of their own. But most White people are deathly afraid of it. There is something quasi-genocidal (in their mind at least) about it and they get queasy just thinking about it.

In general, Whites have been taught their entire life to hate their own history, so they can only find comfort in appropriating the cultures of others and live action role-playing as less problematic tribes that they do not have a pre-conditioned Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction against.

Let me explain this festival to you in no uncertain terms.

  1. White people feel like they’ve lost something important
  2. White people are trying to reconnect with that lost something
  3. White people don’t know how to do that anymore, so they’re making it up as they go along
  4. White guilt prevents them from connecting with their own roots, so they look to other cultures

That’s what’s happening here.

Notice how overwhelmingly White that festival was? Tweak it a bit and you’ll have something resembling this instead.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if all these hippies and backpackers and commune dwellers didn’t have White Guilt, they would be our natural allies.

Disconnecting from the degenerate modern world? Check. Overwhelmingly white? Check. Drugs? …well, yeah, we’d need to fix that.

See, not everyone is sold on the whole suburban middle-class dream lifestyle. Conservatives, nationalists and reactionaries in the fifties were against the whole “American Dream” at the time.

Some of us see it as an ideal because of the overwhelmingly White demographics and more stable gender roles of the period. But at the time, /ourguy/ equivalents were warning about them.

They saw the suburbs for what they were: soft concentration camps. A people forced into them would lose their culture, their edge and their soul.

When I look at the “Whitebread” culture of Amerikaners, I see what they mean. People are atomized. They drive everywhere. They have no concept of the public space. Worse, they don’t know either the law of the wild or the law of the concrete jungle.

All they know is pit stops, cardboard boxes and…this:

Luckily for us, not many people in our generation are going to be able to afford Boomer-homes in the suburbs.

So I believe that particular problem will solve itself.

The main problem we need to solve is within ourselves. 

White people need to rediscover who they really are. Those White people in the jungles of Columbia getting high and pretending to be Native Americans could have been the conservatives of previous centuries, believe it or not.

You have guys like Rene Guenon adopting the turban and becoming a Muzzie, Julius Evola getting all into Hinduism, the Mad Baron LARPing as a Mongolian death god, and too many others to count.

This crazy cat-lady absolutely loved Hitler and Hinduism.

All of it stems from a deep longing for a return to our ancient routes.

Shit, the reason why Hitler’s revolution was so popular was probably because he appealed to that SWPL instinct with his use of Hindu Symbology and German pagan symbology.

He is beloved in India to this day lol.

The upper-middle class of German society was probably as SWPLified then as they are now and Hitler with his vegetarianism and love for exotic old symbology tapped right into that SWPL instinct for the “authentic.”

Fast-forward to today and the first group that gives White people that…experience, will probably lead the next great cultural revolution.

The next great awakening of the European soul.

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