White People Hate Other White People More Than They Hate Non-Whites

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2018

White people hate other white people with an intensity that should shock you.

The reason for this is because they view other white people as competition. They don’t view non-Whites as competition though. When the based black kid at my high school got the scholarship to… I think it was Amherst?…  everyone was ecstatic. All those White kids who had clawing and biting one another, elbowing and jockeying for something similar, who wouldn’t share notes with one another, who would wage complex psychological war on one another by trying to convince others to not study because, “I totally didn’t study, bro” and all that bullshit… well they had no problem with the barely literate black kid winning a scholarship.

You’d think they would get mad.

“Dat nigga just got a free ride and he di-int even do nuffin to deserve it!” 

But no, you’d be wrong.

White people don’t really view non-Whites as competition. If a black or hindu or chinese kid does well, everyone is happy for them.

If a white kid does well, the other white kids seethe with jealousy and rage. 

I don’t even think that this is exclusively a White thing. People from India absolutely loath the people from one province over. The same with, say, Scottish clans when they were still a thing. A bunch of dirt-poor yak-herders mad at their neighbors for stealing their goats three centuries ago.

And this constant state of division, brother against brother, cousin against cousin, is the natural state of things – as far as I can tell.

When the British invaded India, they found an entire subcontinent of people at each other’s throats. Cortez and the Spanish found the same thing in South America. They exploited this to conquer vast empires of squabbling brown people with relative ease.

Japan though? Or Thailand? Ethiopia? Where the monarchies were strong and the people absolutely united behind their rightful leaders?

Well, the colonizers struggled to make as much headway there… But more on that later.

Nowadays, most clever White people would rather fight to the death against other White people in a cut-throat competition for rapidly vanishing prestigious jobs than turn around and unite to fight off the non-White horde bearing down at them.

Seriously, I remember what it was like trying to get me a cushy bullshit consulting job back in the day.

The firm I was applying to work at, like all major companies had racial quotas. As a result of that, I didn’t even look at the Asians and Mexicans who were also applying for the jobs as competition. They were competing amongst themselves within the pool of brown candidates the company was trying to hire. But meanwhile… oh man. I remember the absolute loathing I felt for the White frat kids that I felt had a leg-up on me trying to get into the top consulting companies.

Oh and I remember this one kid telling me that he thought applying for all these companies was a waste of time and that he wasn’t doing it. I agreed with him and said something along the lines of, “I’m just going to follow my dreams.” Or something gay like that. We both stared at each other through those clay masks and perfect white smiles – creased all the way up to the eyes to show how relaxed and nonchalant we were. Carved into the plaster, etched in there so deeply that it took me many years to finally scrub the damn thing off my face.

Naturally, when I attended the preliminary qualifying meetings for kids that these companies were interested in, well whattaya know, I saw him there too! I remember how we both said hello, our smiles dialed up to 11 and shook hands. Both of us pretending that the other hadn’t tried to psych out the competition and get them to not even apply.


Those were the days. And all around us, the diversity hire pool was getting wider and deeper. But there we were, locked in eternal battle, with deep hatred for the other burning in our hearts. Jealousy and fear. Fear that we might get left behind and have to live amongst the mud-people. Unspoken terror that our golden ticket for the ark, which we had struggled and toiled for, for many years – that it might go to some other White kid, who would never ever let you live it down…


Oh yeah, and consider this: top-tier Whites use minorities as weapons against their less socially-advanced peers. 

Rich huwhytes get to cavort and carouse with well-educated token minorities. High IQ and non-violent. The kind that you see colleges advertise on their brochures.

Meanwhile, poor White proles have to deal with mouth-breathing Somalis huffing glue and chewing khat all day, and crack niggers, and tatted-up Aztec cannibals roaming the neighborhood.

Both groups get diversity. But one group gets hit worse. And as a result, one group is relatively better off. 

So while the entire nation is hurt in absolute terms by mass migration of mud people… the few Whites that do get the top-tier consulting job from the rapidly diminishing pool of positions open to White people will be relatively better off than his White peers.

He gets to rub it in their faces. The tougher the competition, the more sweet the victory, the feeling of being better than your peers.

So if you’re a top-tier SWPL white, you get to have the fucking Gap advertisement friends circle.

And the prole Whites, who still love diversity – like they’ve been told to since kindergarten – are jealous that you get access to the top-tier brown people. Meanwhile, they’re surrounded by the feral kind.

So yeah, that’s my dark take on the state of White people. Mull it over on a rainy day.

But I don’t want to leave you on a bad note.

Consider this: almost always, men who are considered heroes centuries after their deaths are remembered for uniting the squabbling factions of their own people. And then using the united might of their peoples to stand up to their external enemies.

Let’s list a couple off the top of my head: Gengis Khan, Arminius, Vercingatorix, Alexander the Great, William Wallace, hell, even George Washington – rallying the squabbling colonies around a common goal.

Until these great men came along, their people were mired in internal squabbling and external forces used that internal weakness to subjugate and exploit them. And after their departure from the world, these nations usually fall back into internal squabbling and fratricidal hatred.

Is Donald Trump that hero?

I’m not sure.

I mean, the man is obviously the greatest president that we’ve had since Andrew Jackson.

But the task of uniting White Americans is monumental indeed.

I honestly believe that there are some white people – mostly in the Striver class – that simply can’t be reached.

They’re going to have to be cut out. And that’s just a reality that we have to deal with. For now, we’re still convincing, still proselytizing, still watching the Dems and SJWs push White people away with their insanity.

But there will come a clinch time. Or crunch time. Decision time, if you prefer.

The line will have to be drawn.

And Traitors and Strivers will have to be punished.