White Rex: The Russian MMA Brand That Dana White is Going to Hate

December 5, 2013

Official UFC t-shirt that features a Mexican flag with the phrase “Brown Pride”
Official UFC t-shirt that features a Mexican flag with the phrase “Brown Pride”

The UFC has put “Brown Pride” on official licensed UFC merchandise and openly encouraged Mexican fans to use the slogan at matches.

UFC owner Dana White has accused critics of the slogan “Brown Pride” of being “racists.” At the same time he has denounced anyone who would use the phrase “White Pride” as a “redneck, hillbilly, country-bumpkin out in the middle of somewhere.”

This website has reported on this issue at length. Click here for more information.

Meet White Rex, a Russian based Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] clothing/promotion outfit that mirrors the US company Affliction.

dv-19Affliction was original launched in 2005 as a MMA clothing company that also held matches that were in direct competition with the UFC. The Affliction matches would feature big name heavy metal bands, such as Megadeath, who played in between the fights. After a few years, they stopped holding the matches and began advertising at UFC matches. It is now a huge clothing company with at least six different sub-labels.

White Rex follows the early Affliction model, though on a much smaller scale. Affliction started out with tens of millions in capitol.

White Rex hosts MMA tournaments and rock concerts in Russia. They have also held tournaments in Belarus, Ukraine, and Italy. This Italian tournament was held in conjunction with the right-wing Italian youth group Casa Pound. See video below.

White Rex rock concerts feature an anti-Communist and anti-drug theme. White Rex t-shirts feature a wide mix of Roman, Celtic, German, Norse, and Slavic themes.

White Rex very explicitly promotes pan-European pride. The company encourages all Europeans to embrace the warrior traditions of their ancestors. To take pride in physical fitness, good health, and fearlessness. It appears that the company is being accepted by the MMA world. Their matches and the fighter’s stats are listed by M1 and ProFC, the top Russian MMA portals, as well as the international portal Sherdog.

White Rex Website (website may run slow)

White Rex Vimeo Page

White Rex MMA tournament in Rome.

White Rex heavy metal concert in Moscow.