White Science Woman Uses $3 Million Award Money to Fund Diversity Scholarships

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2018

Who could possibly think that it’s a good idea to let a woman become a scientist?

Even if she is brilliant in a particular field (which she won’t be, because she’s a woman), she’s still going to take that job away from hundreds of even more ingenious and qualified male applicants.

And at least those men won’t think it’s a great idea to teach Somali warlords how to use a telescope.

Physics World:

Jocelyn Bell Burnell has been awarded a Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics for her work on pulsars and her “inspiring scientific leadership over the last five decades”. Bell Burnell says she will donate the $3m prize money from the Fundamental Physics Prize Foundation to create a new fund to support greater diversity for women and people from ethnic minorities. The money will be given to the Institute of Physics (IOP), which publishes Physics World, to support graduate students from under-represented groups.

Yeah, that’s a woman. Specifically, a British woman.

So I looked up the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics and, upon learning it was established in 2012, immediately assumed it was founded by a ratfaced kike to promote diversity and Einsteinian pseudoscience.

6,000,000 microseconds of research later and my suspicions were confirmed:

Meet Yuri Milner, the Skaven handrubber behind the award. This superkike also has a huge financial stake in 23andMe, which you’ll want to remember when your DNA test comes back and claims you’re 33% Jew and 66% nigger.

Milner with Zuckerberg. Say what you want about Jews, but they do have trustworthy faces. #PhysiognomyIsNotReal

Bell Burnell rose to fame while working at Cambridge University in 1967, when she identified a mysterious trace in data from a radio telescope she had built. It was a 0.5 cm-long signal that showed a series of regular peaks in luminosity. She concluded that the signal was neither a scintillating source, nor man-made interference but from a pulsar – a rotating neutron star that emits a regular ticking signal of radio waves. In February 1967, the Cambridge team, with her supervisor Antony Hewish as lead author, published a paper in Nature (217 709), announcing the “Observation of a rapidly pulsating radio source”.

Yeah, Burnell’s breakthrough occurred in 1967.

Let that sink in for a moment: the judges had such trouble finding female success stories in contemporary physics that they had to delve into the previous millennium and award a woman a prize for something she did over half a century ago.

As part of a male-majority team.

It’s kinda sad, but mostly hilarious. It’s no different than when Jews give Black Science Man his latest trophy in an increasingly desperate attempt to remind the public that white men are responsible for only 99.999% of the world’s achievements, not 100% of them.

Wft I love diversity now

Bell Burnell, a former president of the IOP, says the money will be used to create new graduate studentships for people from underrepresented groups in physics. “We at IOP are delighted to receive this donation from Jocelyn and are looking forward to working with her to develop a programme that opens doors to physics for people from every walk of life,” notes IOP president Julia Higgins.

The details of the fund are still being worked on with further information to be “provided in due course”. IOP chief operating officer Rachel Youngman adds that the donation “will enable us to connect with a greater range of under-represented groups and by doing so, enrich physics as a discipline with an increasingly diverse intake of students practising it”.

Oh yeah, how will the scientific world survive without the timeless ingenuity of races that never discovered electricity? These groups are underrepresented for a reason, you know.

I can’t even tell if Burnell’s decision is mere virtue signaling or the product of something deeper. I suspect the latter. Apparently, she had a big chip on her shoulder for being “snubbed” for the 1974 Nobel Prize, so maybe filling our scientific institutions with coal-black hottentots and Mexican fruit vendors is her final finger-up against the white patriarchal society she believes wronged her.

It’s a very Jewy way to act. Which isn’t surprising, because when deprived of the scold’s bridle and a firm back hand, women’s behavior is almost indistinguishable from that of the vengeful, nation-wrecking yid.