White Woman Raped and Beaten by Black Partner Urges Others to Seek Help

Daily Mail
October 15, 2015

Karen Hanna was kept locked away for eight days while her Black lover beat the hell out of her.

A woman who was raped and beaten by her former partner during an eight-day ordeal is urging other victims of domestic violence to seek help before it is too late.

Karen Hanna, 40, from Chorley, Lancashire, thought she was going to die at the hands of Anthony Phillips, who she was previously in a relationship with.

For eight days he violently attacked Karen leaving her with 58 separate injuries after he accused her of sleeping with other men.

She was finally able to flee the ordeal when bodybuilder Phillips, now 40, fell asleep. Her former partner was arrested and eventually jailed for life.

Phillips appealed the sentence but the country’s most senior judge rejected his appeal, whilst reducing his minimum term from 11 to 10 years.

Anthony Phillips was sentenced to life, but managed to get his minimum sentence reduced to just ten years.

His case defined how some of the most dangerous offenders in the UK are punished. The appeal was one of seven test cases heard to decide how the public should be protected from dangerous criminals.

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