WhiteLivesMatter: TradYouth Disrupts the Anti-White Narrative in Cincinnati

Matt Parrott
Trad Youth
May 22, 2015

Ransdell and an angry Black sow have words.

Black Crime has been out of control for decades, especially in Cincinnati. America’s inner city Black communities have been systematically driving Whites out of every major American city with an epidemic of violent crime and harassment, increasingly boiling over into violent race riots. Instead of attempting to fix this crisis in their community, the “leaders” have taken a handful of token incidents of Black criminals being harmed by the police attempting to maintain order to make the conversation about how Black criminals are the real victims of “racism.”

This farcical #BlackLivesMatter narrative frames the felons as the victims and shoves the real (and disproportionately White) victims of violent crime out of the frame altogether. The controlled media not only refuses to challenge their inversion of common decency and common sense; the controlled media actively promotes it, showing up with dozens of cameras to eagerly assist the thug “bishops” and queer “clergy” concocting this anti-White propaganda.

This morning, we strolled up on a gaggle of local media weasels preparing to film a gaggle of Cincinnati’s local race hustlers attempting to shake down the Major League Baseball industry, demanding that the “Black Lives Matter” talking points be crammed into their baseball games. The media wasn’t going to call them out on this naked shakedown. The baseball tycoons aren’t going to call them out on this naked shakedown. Bishop Bobby Hilton and the rest of the nattily dressed grifters expected their “Rally for Racial Justice” to be a home run.

They didn’t expect Robert Ransdell and TradYouth to show up and call them out. A handful of White Activists with a couple of signs not only managed to derail their event, we managed to completely derail their message altogether. One minute, the flustered Bishop Hilton was “challenging” us to a “conversation about race,” the next minute, when I stepped up to have a polite and fact-driven conversation with him about race, he declared me too “ignorant” and “unintelligent” and himself too busy for the conversation he challenged me to participate in.

We at TradYouth are more than happy to have a conversation about race with Bishop Hilton in whatever venue or format he prefers. We expect him to go back on his word, to have a hundred and one excuses to deny us a conversation, to insult and ignore us instead of speaking with us frankly and directly about the issues. If he’s a man of his word, he knows how to reach us.

Heimbach gets the message across visually.

Within minutes of showing up, they had retreated from their “Black Lives Matter” mantra to insisting that “All Lives Matter.” Within minutes of our showing up, their fictional narrative of an epidemic of police brutality was in shambles and they were arguing with us about the root causes of the actual epidemic of Black Crime in America. They insist that Black youths turn to crime because of slavery and segregated water fountains and stuff. Whatever. Honestly, I’m not all that concerned about the historical origins of the problem. I’m just concerned about protecting my folk–my White kinsmen–from violent criminality. I’m concerned about granting a much-needed voice to the silent and silenced victims of murder, rape, and armed robbery who are denied expensive news cameras and adorable journalist hipster girls to broadcast their stories.

This one Black lady repeatedly insisted that we White folks control the media, even in a context where the media was clearly complicit in their shakedown attempt on the MLB. One limp-wristed producer even chased me around in circles, desperately trying to pluck my “Diversity means chasing down the last white person” sign out of my hands. Not only did we prevail against the fruity fellow in getting our message out to both local and national audiences, we managed to engage in several actual conversations about race with local Black folks who respect White identity, understand the Jewish Problem, and genuinely wish to work toward resolving America’s racial problems.

Intelligent and honest Black folks do indeed exist. They just don’t enjoy Wall Street financing and Hollywood coverage like Bishop Hilton and pals.

Robert Ransdell stayed on message the entire time, and the local media repeated our message verbatim, even as they attempted to condemn and ridicule us. We’re happy with that, and we’re happy to report that the comment threads and talk radio call-ins from the locals have actually favored our position over the media’s anti-White drivel. Our movement has developed a bunker mentality where we expect the general public to be against us, but that’s increasingly not the case. It was certainly not the case today, with multiple folks off the street walking up on the theatrics, finding out what’s going on, and personally thanking Robert Ransdell and the rest of us for finally making a stand for the White victims of Black crime.

White lives matter, too, and we delivered that message loud and clear to the good folks of Cincinnati today. We don’t need the mainstream media to push our message. We’ve got our own websites. We’ve got YouTube. We’ve got Daily Stormer. We’ve got Reddit. We’ve got a whole matrix of social media where the usual suspects can’t control the conversation, can’t silence us, and can’t carry on pretending that only Black Lives Matter.