Why are the Jews Shutting Down White Advocacy Groups While Ignoring Black Nationalists?

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2018

I am really sick of these Jews.

They censor us, slander us, dox us, and send their faggot and dindu goons after us, all the while crying that we are killing fat whores by making them have heart attacks after our cars are assaulted with bats.

The two most hunted men on the planet (Anglin and weev) never tried to kill anyone.

They never blew anything up.

They never did or advocated for violence except in legal cases of self defense.

All they did was talk about how the Jews control everything (which is true) and how Whites deserve a racial homeland.

They do this while encouraging their nog and other non-White foot soldiers to stir up as much shit as possible and supporting their efforts to further their own racial interests – of course while furthering their own racial interests.

Meanwhile, the nagging noggers are calling for slaughter on the streets, and Jews don’t blink an eye.

It’s almost as though “anti-racist” just means “anti-white.”