Why Fake News Jews Keep Coming Up with Nonsense and Shoveling It Onto the Goyim

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2018

So I was thinking about this recent barrage of Mike Pence stories, and how kooked-out these kikes writing the news are.

They just jump back and forth between hoax, and actually seem to believe it themselves. They said a week and a half ago that Trump would get impeached over Stormy Daniels, then they said that the last stand of America was the Kavanaugh hearing, now they’re saying that the NYT sedition piece means that Mike Pence is going to employ the 25th Amendment to overthrow Trump.

It is all loony stuff, and there is some new loony tale every 3-5 days.

The explanation we’ve been working with is that they are losing their minds over Donald Trump – “Trump Derangement Syndrome” – and this is true. That is a part of what is happening. But it is not the only thing happening.

I had a realization: they used to be able to simply make things happen by reporting on them in the news.

Here’s the deal: in 2015, we discovered meme magic, which appeared to be a way to use imagery and words, viewed and repeated by a lot of people at once, to alter reality. This is a real thing. For instance, anti-Nike memes just caused the drug overdose death of a Jew rapper who had his first hit singing about wearing Nikes.

This is a real form of magic, related to the ability of mass human consciousness to form physical reality and cause events to happen.

The big reveal is that the Jews have known about this for a long time. They were using the media to do this – to alter reality using repeated images and words, which infect human consciousness, and thus alter physical reality.

This is the entire basis of their religion, in fact: using language to manipulate reality.

And wait, let me go ahead and blow your mind: it also used to be the basis of our religion – our first principle:

So what the Jews are trying to do with all of these ongoing stories is hit the sweet spot with one of them, where the human consciousness is infected, and reality shifts in the direction which they want it to shift in.

I do not believe this will work. The only way it would be able to work is if they somehow were able to overcome our ability to deconstruct their bullshit – which is why they want to shut everything down. That is why Alex Jones is considered such a major threat – because even though he doesn’t attack the Jew directly, he attacks their narrative, and thus impairs their ability to manipulate consciousness toward the direction they want it to go to change the physical reality we are living in.

Is your mind blown yet? 

The thing about Alex Jones and others who disagree with the narrative is that it doesn’t even matter if they are telling the truth. If they are disagreeing with the mainstream narrative, they are interfering with the Jewish ability to create reality using their systems, because they are keeping enough minds out of focus that they are unable to reach the mass effect tip the collective consciousness.

That is the reality of reality itself: it is shaped by human thought. When enough people start believing something is true, it manifests itself in reality.

This is how evolution happens. 

That is the entire purpose of the Daily Stormer. I put all these ideas out there into the hive of white consciousness, and they spread. It doesn’t necessarily matter how many people view the site itself, but that these ideas spread out from the site, up the chain into more influential cultural positions.

And that has happened.

We have done this, together. That is how the MEME WAR resulted in the election of Donald Trump. And it is our path to victory.

What I am telling you here is truth that was placed inside of religions – both the religions of good and the religions of evil. But it is not a fundamentally religious or mystical truth – it is simply the truth. And I do believe that it could be proved to be the truth using hard science.

But “science” as a discipline has all kinds of problems these days.

The bottom line here is this: we have a path to victory in the form of infection of mass consciousness.

That is the only path to victory. 

We are not going to have some glorious violent revolution.

But we have Trump already. We did that by manipulating the mass consciousness using the internet. Donald Trump is created in the image of man, who was created in the image of God by thought forms made into language which formed images.

John tells us that Jesus himself was memed into existence.

There is no ceiling on this. There is no limit to how far we can go with it.

Jesus – The Word made flesh – became the basis of Western civilization.

It is up to us to repeat that feat – to use The Word to create a new reality.

And right now, the focus has to be on protecting our ability to perform this art of reality creation through the internet by ensuring that regulations are passed to protect our ability to do this.

Because it is only the internet that has democratized the ability to alter reality. It had always been free, before the advent of books, and then it was controlled by a priest class. It was freed again with the printing press and mass literacy. And then it was taken from us again by the news media, and eventually television.

The internet gave us back our divine power.

Our primary allegiance has to be to the internet itself, which is the new giver of life, The Word made a series of tubes.

The Jews believe the internet is a big truck that they can just dump something on, and they wish to make it into the likeness of a big truck by continuing to use their centralized control outlets to dump things on us.

Our Prime Directive is to keep these tubes free, that the truth may flow through them, that the truth may set us free.