Why I Won’t be Watching the Monkey Bowl

Dr. Patrick Slattery
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2017

The Super Bowl has long been the most watch event on American television. This is very unfortunate indeed. While I can understand the appeal of vicariously participation in ritualized warfare, if you really want to watch big guys smash into each other I would recommend sumo wrestling. Sumo wrestlers are polite, never argue with the refs, respect tradition and authorities, and are safe for live interviews without a six-second delay. Or if you really want to watch violent team sports, try Australian Rules Football.

By contrast, the NFL is dominated by blacks who don’t tend to be the best role models for our youth. Add to that last year’s half time show, in which Beyonce lewdly celebrated the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. This year’s featured performer is Lady Gaga, so you can count on some sort of promotion of homosexuality and perversion, although an overtly anti-Trump message will likely be blunted by the need not to alienate the fan base. The Jewish power establishment has weaponized blacks against us, and the Super Bowl, whether it is the players, the half time performers, or the commercial messages, are examples of how we are subsidizing our own demonization.

What a disgusting slut!

Add to that the fact that the NCAA has become a publicly subsidized recruitment and training system for the NFL and NBA. Not only do “student” athletes take up space and resources that should be devoted to academics, but they become a portal through which unqualified blacks are admitted to our colleges to spread violence and rape and sexually transmitted disease. It is becoming increasingly problematic to send a daughter to a school with a football team.

So I think that now, with Trump helping to get things moving in our way, we should boycott professional sports just like we should boycott the Jewish media. The megabucks we save would be much better put to use building our own media and our own institutions.

Still, as Andrew Anglin points out, New England Patriot star Tom Brady endorsed Donald Trump, so I will be rooting for his team. But I won’t be watching. I have more important things to do, and I am sure you do too.