Why Join ISIS? Because of White Racism, Of Course.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2017

By the value system of the Western Jewish establishment, this is a full justification for joining a terrorist group.

You can’t question it.


A British woman who was married to the highest-ranking American in the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) revealed how racism in the UK radicalized her. Tania Georgelas said her years as a teenager in Harrow, northwest London, spurred her to become a jihadist.

Georgelas, 33, who is of Bangladeshi descent, told The Atlantic in an interview published Friday: “We had bad neighbours, they used to smash our windows. But generally, I just felt like an outsider.”

She added: “I was looking for a way to retaliate, and I wanted honor again.”

She claimed the turning point came after the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001.

“I was 17, I saw the towers being crashed into and I went to school the next day,” the former jihadist bride said.

“I said to my friend: ‘Oh, isn’t it dreadful what happened?’ and she looked at me and said: ‘Is it really?’”

“At that point I became really jihadi hardcore.”

It was during a protest against the Iraq War that she met a group of women giving out leaflets promoting Muslim dating websites.

There she met John Georgelas, a Christian convert from Texas who was the son of US military doctor Colonel Timothy Georgelas and his wife, Martha. Georgelas married her in England in 2004 just a month after their meeting, and she flew back to the US with him.

When she was pregnant with her fourth child, her husband pleaded with her to join IS in Syria.

“John wanted to go to Syria, and I said I wasn’t ready, not while the kids are small,” she said.

“I wanted the rebels to win, but I didn’t need to be inside Syria.”

The 33-year-old said she had given birth to her children for the sole reason that they could “serve god as Muslims, as mujahideen.”

Adding she wanted her children to become soldiers of the caliphate, she said: “We trained them as assassins and dressed them up as jihadis.”


Georgelas is now living in Texas and making a living pretending to be against Islamic extremism.

The Atlantic, which is a Jewish publication, was unsurprisingly sympathetic to her plight.

After all, goyim – we have to understand what is causing terrorism in order to stop it, and it is you white goyim that are causing it with all of your hatreds.

The problem presented is that all white people are intrinsically racist and this causes brown people to do horrible things.

The logical solution to the problem presented is to not have brown people in white countries. If this woman had stayed in Bangladesh, she never would have experienced white racism in the UK.

But that is not the solution we are being given. The solution we are being given is to ethnically cleanse white countries of all white people so as to create a situation where there is no more racism because there are no more whites.

Of course, this begs the question: if we are going to kill off all whites and replace them with brown people, thus making white countries brown countries, why can’t they just stay in their own countries, which are already brown?

The only conceivable answer to that question is that some group of powerful people has a desire to exterminate white people, and they are using brown people as a tool to accomplish that goal.