Wignat Arrested in Connection to Synagogue Shooting – Brother Committed Suicide Hours After

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2018

Remember when I told you that the synagogue shooter Robert Bowers would have been in a chat room with other users egging him on, and that the feds would get that chat and start arresting people?

Well, that’s happening.

Furthermore, one of the guys in the chat killed himself immediately after the shooting, presumably because he knew he would be implicated for having been in the chat with Bowers.

Gab has chat rooms. The wignats on that site were in these chats – I assure you – talking about all kinds of acts of violence. Just like the leaked Atomwaffen chats showed the same kind of people doing.

I drew a line on this wignat bullshit and people attacked me over it. Alleged people. I don’t know how many of them are actually real, and how many of them are fed provocateurs.

But there are going to be arrests of all of the real people who were involved with this. The ones who don’t get arrested, you can assume were feds.

Washington Post:

A D.C. man who described himself as a white nationalist to law enforcement officers and became a social-media follower of the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting has been arrested on a gun charge after his worried relatives contacted the authorities, according to federal court filings.

Jeffrey R. Clark Jr., 30, is charged with illegally possessing a firearm and a high-capacity magazine and made his initial court appearance Tuesday afternoon in U.S. District Court in Washington. He was ordered held until Friday.

Clark, who lives in the Bloomingdale neighborhood, was arrested Nov. 9, court filings show, after two family members alerted police to his increasingly agitated outbursts, including that the 11 victims of the Pittsburgh shooting “deserved it.” The outbursts occurred in the wake of Clark’s brother’s suicide.

Edward Clark, 23, fatally shot himself on Roosevelt Island near Washington within hours of the Oct. 27 Pittsburgh shooting at Tree of Life synagogue, the court filings for Jeffrey Clark said.

Presumably, this was because he was in the chat with Bowers, and assumed the feds were coming for him (they were).

Relatives told police both brothers had been involved in alt-right movements, the court records said. Jeffrey Clark told FBI agents he and his brother became interested in guns in 2016 “because they believed there was going to be a civil war,” according to an account of his statement filed in court.

Police said in court documents that he used the social networking site Gab to share his views with others, including Robert Bowers, the suburban Pittsburgh man charged with federal hates crimes in the synagogue attack. Jeffrey Clark was “DC Bowl Gang” on the site, court files said, and Edward Clark went by “DC_Stormer.”

Just stay away from fucking Gab, kids.

I did and do support that site having freedom of speech, but it is an absolute cesspit of wignats and feds. There is nothing good that is going to come from being involved with those people.

Court papers assert that after his brother’s death, Jeffrey Clark posted on Gab a photo of the brothers wearing masks and holding a shotgun and a rifle, in front of a flag with a skull and cross bones. The documents said Jeffrey Clark posted a description of himself as a “Meth-Smoking, Pipe bomb making, mailman-murding . . . Che Guevara of the altright.”

Those are memes from the Siege gang, which are the core of the wignat internet movement.

That’s what Atomwaffen was. And note that Atomwaffen has killed 5 people and they are not all getting arrested – still. They were “close friends” with the now-defunct wignat group Trad Worker Party, according to Matt Heimbach.

Of the attack on the synagogue, court papers said Jeffrey Clark posted a picture of the suspected gunman spattered in what appears to be blood and wrote, “This was a dry run for things to come.”

Jeffrey Clark warned a family member after the Pittsburgh shootings that the FBI might come around because he had followed the suspect on the Internet. Jeffrey Clark said, according to the court document, “They had not broken any laws, but at some point if a line gets crossed, I would be violent, everyone has a line . . .”

Authorities said in the court documents that the brothers “fantasized about killing ‘Jews and blacks’ ” and that family members feared Jeffrey Clark might harm himself or others.

The documents said the brothers had four guns between them, registered in the District — a Remington Arms handgun, a Mossberg shotgun, a Beretta handgun and a Ruger Mini-14 rifle. The Beretta was recovered at the site of the suicide, the court files said. Court documents said agents seized the other weapons from a relative’s home outside the District.

Court papers said Clark’s relatives told authorities that Clark admired Oklahoma bomber Timothy Mc­Veigh, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski and killer Charles Manson and that relatives said “Jeffrey and Edward Clark believed there would be a race revolution and they wanted to expedite it.”

There is not going to be a race-revolution without popular support, guys.

Please see South Africa, where whites are literally being exterminated, and there is no revolution. There is no point at which whites will simply “rise up” because they are being oppressed. The only way whites are going to rise up is if they are organized.

Clark was charged with illegally possessing a firearm while using or addicted to a controlled substance and with possession of a high-speed magazine. During his interview with federal agents, he told them he used marijuana nearly every day.

I am telling you people: stay as far as you can from any of these people who are openly promoting violence. Stay away from anyone who is talking about how they’re going to have some kind of violent revolution by marching through the streets in plastic stahlhelms. Stay away from anyone who encourages you to dox yourself.

All of this is a trap.

Jews want you to commit acts of violence, they want you to dox yourself, they want you to be in chat rooms with people who shoot up synagogues so they can arrest you.

Some of you who don’t understand this situation just need to trust me. I understand that not everyone can grasp these things. But you just need to understand that this whole entire movement of wignats are the worst form of pure cancer.

Here, think about this:

What would happen if 100 people shot up synagogues?

What would happen if 1000 people shot up synagogues?

Would the Jews have less power or more power than they do right now?

Would white nationalism have less or more popular support from the general public?

Please, if the answer to these questions is not immediately obvious to you, consider just trusting me on this stuff. I am trying to protect each of you as people, and I am trying to guide us to an actual revolution.

There are only two possible scenarios in which we win this:

  1. We use the existing system of electoral politics
  2. Some kind of actual war situation happens

There is absolutely no path to terrorist revolution.

The only way that violence would ever even do anything at all is if you had a stable and organized political wing. Otherwise, no matter how many terrorist attacks you do, you do not end up with more power. You only end up with more repression, and with less public support.

I understand the anger. Believe me, I understand it. No one wants to see Jews suffer more than I do.

But I am also able to see a bigger picture here that apparently some of you cannot see. And you need to either get your head around this, or you need to simply trust me. We do not need more doxings, we do not need more shootings, we do not need more suicides, we do not need more guys arrested. All of those things are things we do not need.

We also do not need to look like a bunch of weird, unhinged, anti-social losers in public.

What we need is to continue to gather popular support, we need to continue to get our guys into positions of power, we need to continue to push the GOP in the direction we want it to go.

Just Stay the Hell Away

I wish I could say “if you know anyone involved in this shit, try to help them.”

But I tried as hard as I fucking could to help these sorts of people. I really, really tried to lay out all of the arguments, in detail. I went on Gab and the old TRS forum (where a lot of them had gathered due to TRS endorsement of certain groups) and I did “Ask Me Anything” threads. Every question any of them had, I gave a good answer to, none of them were left wondering where I stood, but the arguments of the fed shills were simply more compelling to them.

Now they’re all going to get arrested. If they don’t kill themselves first.