Will Catcalling Become a Hate Crime?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2018

Well, yes.

The hag vote is a coveted – if shrill – voting block and their interests must be catered to.

The Guardian:

Catcalling at women and sexist abuse in public should be made hate crimes, a Labour MP has said, calling for a pilot scheme in Nottinghamshire to be made law across the country.

Melanie Onn said wolf-whistling, harassment on public transport and taking photographs up women’s skirts were low-level crimes that often went unreported, and it was important for police to be able to record any increase.

She said she would argue in a parliamentary debate on Wednesday that a change in the law would give women the confidence to report misogynistic behaviour.

“Laws are instrumental in changing attitudes, setting the bar for expectations of treatment and behaviour,” she said. “Our laws are not stagnant. Our laws must reflect the reality of today’s society.

Now we all know that White men no longer catcall. They don’t whistle and they don’t grope women in public transportation or whatever.

This is what brown people do.

But you’re not allowed to say that. You’re not allowed to notice that. So what will happen with this catcalling law?

It’s quite obvious that brown men – who disproportionately do this sort of shit – will never be punished for catcalling because at this point we know that in the oppression matrix, White women have lost their position relative to brown people.

This is known.

So this is really just another law aimed at making it harder for White men to spit game at girls. That’s what this metoo shit is all about, it is what the frat party rape fan fics were a couple of years ago, and what all of Feminism is about.

It’s about leveling yet another tax on White men.

Making life harder for them, putting the pressure on harder, leaving them will less recourse to justice and alienating them from public life.

Very sad stuff.

To all the women and girls in the movement, I would say that if you want to do one thing to help the movement, it would be to stay out of this messy political stuff and instead just take the extra step to bitch out your girlfriends when they act like feminist cunts.

It would help a lot.

I think of all the evils that Judaism has wrought, Feminism is by far the most toxic. It pits White men against White women. And in the end, only the Jews and the browns win.