Wily Colored Colin Powell and Evil Witch Madeleine Albright Claim Trump is Destroying America

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 8, 2018

The tag team from hell is here to berate us and chew bubble gum – and they’re all out of gum.

As the Jew’s agenda is getting BTFO’d, they’ve had to dredge out increasingly unpopular figures to try and drum-up enthusiasm for attacking Trump and destroying America.

This time, we have the despicable and widely hated Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright coming out and viciously attacking the Commander-in-Chief in an interview with Islamic agent Fareed Zakaria on CNN.

One of the charismatic new faces of the anti-Trump “movement.”

Newsweek :

Former U.S. Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright both questioned the dramatic negative effects the Trump administration has had on the United States and its people Sunday.

Reminder that Powell is the Black bastard who lied in front of the entire world to get us into the hated Iraq war.

“Saddam Hussein is manufacturing weapons of mass destruction!!11 Like this vial of flour anthrax here.”

Madeleine Albright is the Jew bitch who made the following comment:

“It was worth killing 500,000 brown children to send a message to Saddam Hussein.”

These are not obscure factoids about these people. In fact, in the minds of most Americans – including liberals – these defining moments are probably the first memory that springs to mind when they hear about these two figures.

These are the people the J-left is now relying on to make moral condemnations of Trump.


Speaking with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria Sunday, Powell criticized Trump’s attacks on the news media, close U.S. allies and even its own citizens. Powell lamented his three favorite words in the U.S. Constitution have long been “we the people,” but Trump’s short time in office has morphed the famous Founding Fathers line into “me the President.”

“You see things that should not be happening,” Powell told CNN’s Zakaria. “How can a president of the United States get up and say that the media is the enemy of Americans? Hasn’t he read the First Amendment? You are not supposed to like everything the press says, or what anyone says…that’s why we have a First Amendment, to protect that kind of speech.”

The press is obviously the enemy of the people. They have nothing but contempt and hatred for ordinary Americans – doubly so for Trump supporters, who constitute the majority of people with actual citizenship.

Just look at these random headlines:

Nothing but contempt for the majority of Americans.

But of course, they never try and explain why the press isn’t the enemy of the people – they just claim that saying such things goes against the First Amendment and freedom of speech or whatever, which is a non-sequitur.

Powell reitarated why he became a voice against a Trump presidency during the 2016 campaigns.

“I hope the president can come to the realization that he should really stop insulting people,” Powell continued. “I used this two years ago when I said I could not vote for him in the 2016 election. Why? He insulted everybody. He insulted African-Americans, he insulted women, he insulted immigrants. He insulted our best friends around the world — all of his fellow candidates up on the stage during the debates. I don’t think that’s what should be coming out of a president of the United States. But I don’t see anything that’s changed in the last two years.”

So the “press” is allowed to insult and lie as much as they want, but the President isn’t allowed to?

Where is that in the Constitution, Colin? I can’t find that passage.

It doesn’t even mention the President in there. Just Congress. I guess technically Trump could sign an executive action shutting down CNN without violating the Constitution, lol.

Actually, I withdraw my “lol.” He should definitely do that.

Because this isn’t a “news organization” – it is an arm of a vast seditious conspiracy to undermine the US government by defrauding the public at large. The Founding Fathers clearly did not intend for the First Amendment to cover an organized foreign-backed criminal plot to destroy the country.

Powell asked Americans and Congress to “take a hard look at yourself” to realize what “you’re doing to keep these forces in check.” He ridiculed not just what the Trump administration is doing, but instead what others “are not doing as the United States of America. What are we doing? We’re walking away from agreements, we’re walking away from alliances,” Powell continued.

That’s right – we’re making America great again. What is even the argument here? That we should never renegotiate agreements, ever? That alliances should last forever?

Didn’t America have an alliance with Saddam Hussein before we decided to bomb the shit of his country? What about that, Colin?

Agreements should be maintained if they benefit America, and alliances should be respected with countries friendly to us, and strategically relevant to our interests.

For example: not Israel.

The left has no argument here – all they have is empty rhetoric, and irrelevant, hated figures to deliver it.