Winner of Miss Belgium Pageant Receives Online Abuse for Being Filipino

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2018

It looks like we’ve got a bit of a problem on our hands here.

Belgium, the sort-of-country that’s located between three proper countries in Western Europe, recently hosted a beauty pageant to crown a new Miss Belgium. But when the new Miss Belgium was chosen, many Belgians disapproved of her.

Just because she happened to be a different species from them.

Straits Times:

The new Miss Belgium said she has received an onslaught of racist criticism online after winning the crown.

Ms Angeline Flor Pua, 22, has a Chinese-Filipino father and a Filipino mother, reports said. She was born in the Belgian city of Antwerp where her parents met. She was crowned on Jan 13, beating 29 other contestants from all over the country.

Many of the critics questioned her nationality and asked why someone with Asian heritage won. Some said the crown should have been awarded to a blonde, blue-eyed Belgian.

“I call this Miss Philippines, not Miss Belgium,” a critic commented in Dutch. A Twitter user also said: “Hopefully, it’s not a ladyboy.”

Whoa, that’s some Eichmann-tier shit right there.

Can you imagine the ignorance of these neo-Supremacists, believing that someone cannot be Belgian because she’s a mongoloid from another continent? Everyone reading this (except Israelis) needs to accept that nationality and race are man-made concepts, and that all countries (except Israel) should be borderless and open.

In an interview with BBC News, Ms Pua – who can speak Dutch, English and Filipino – sought to address such comments.

“I’ve heard about the negative comments. Of course, it hurts a lot to read those things about myself because I know those things are not true,” she said. “I can show my ID, my birth certificate to prove that I am a Belgian.”

Well, that settles it then. Forget genetics, evidence and logic. The moment that this Chinese-Filipino mongrel’s feet touched the magic soil of Europe, her DNA was transformed from the inside out and she became as Belgian as Peter Paul Rubens, Rene Magritte or the devs that created Divinity: Original Sin!

Seriously, this is like the second greatest game ever (Baldur’s Gate II is obviously still #1).

Ms Pua told the BBC that “racism is a very sensitive subject”.

“It’s not only in Belgium, I think it’s worldwide”, she said.

She had this piece of advice to those who are victims of racism: “You should not feel sorry because you should be proud of who you are, or what you are and where you come from.”

Ms Pua was crowned Miss Filipina Europe in 2016.

Wait a minute… she won Miss Filipina Europe?

Wouldn’t that mean that… I mean, the name suggests that…

No, don’t be silly.

Of course she’s Belgian.

… but also Filipino.

It makes sense when you think about it.

And if it still doesn’t make sense, remember this: six million Jews died in the Holocaust.

Six. Million.

Still feel like you have a moral right to question things, goyim?