Town Sinking in Sierra Leone; Inhabitants Ask God and the West for Salvation Gibs

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2018

Yelibuya, the sinking town.

The Great Bringer of Storms continues his work.

Al Jazeera:

Yelibuya, a small town in northwest Sierra Leone, is precariously perched on a sandy, waterlogged stretch of land that juts out where one of the country’s largest rivers, the Great Scarcies – also called the Kolente, yawns into the Atlantic Ocean.

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But life in the town is increasingly impossible; the island is going underwater.

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“As you can see, there is no method for protection,” says Abdulai Bangura, one of the town’s elders. “And it gets worse every year. We only seek God’s protection.

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Remember this?

Humans Right Watch:

“The January 1999 offensive against Freetown marked the most intensive and concentrated period of human rights violations in Sierra Leone’s eight-year civil war,” said Peter Takirambudde, executive director of the Africa division of Human Rights Watch.

Rebel forces in Sierra Leone systematically murdered, mutilated, and raped civilians during their January offensive, Human Rights Watch charged today. In a report released on the eve of an important United Nations visit to Freetown, Human Rights Watch documented how entire families were gunned down in the street, children and adults had their limbs hacked off with machetes, and girls and young women were taken to rebel bases and sexually abused. Government forces and the Nigerian-led peacekeeping force supporting them also carried out serious abuses, although to a lesser extent, including over 180 summary executions of Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels and suspected collaborators.

Mass Atrocity Endings:

Sierra Leone’s TRC describes the violence during the civil war thus:

Reports emerged of indiscriminate amputations, abductions of women and children, recruitment of children as combatants, rape, sexual slavery, cannibalism, gratuitous killings and wanton destruction of villages and towns. This was a war measured not so much in battles and confrontations between combatants as in attacks upon civilian populations. Its awesome climax was the destruction of much of Freetown in January 1999.

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Heresy will be punished.

Al Jazeera:

Because of climate change, Sierra Leone is expected to witness increased flooding and landslides, such as the Freetown disaster in 2017 that killed more than 1,000 people.

Here they go again…

According to the United Nations Development Agency, West Africa is highly vulnerable to climate change, second only to some Pacific Island countries such as the Maldives.

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Despite being built on heavy cinderblocks however, the clinic is regularly flooded and the chief’s house looks out onto a sandy bank that is perpetually filled with water with the encroaching tide.

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Just take a look at the enrichment they offer:

Such a vibrant culture.

“This is a very important economic area, a very important military area,” explains Kelly Marah, the deputy in command for a navy outpost on the island.

Check out this very important economic and military area:

A former UN under-secretary-general and presidential hopeful in the March 2018 elections, he proposes climate justice and private sector solutions. 

“We who pollute the least and make the least greenhouse gases will be most vulnerable,” Yumkella says.


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Climate funds could be used to build schools and a clinic in nearby Mahayla to encourage people to leave the sinking town, he suggests.

But he also wants climate funds to spur development.

“Aid must bring capacity, global knowledge systems, and build infrastructure and institutions, so that people can reach their entrepreneurial potential,” he says. “This is about creating markets and competitive infrastructure. This is about making money.”

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“We’re not asking for handouts,” Yumkella says. “This place has potential,”.

Take a look at this picture and the source caption:

The chief’s house sits at the edge of Yeliboya, furthest from the rising water. Still, the ground in front of it remains soggy. It’s the only house in town with light, as local taxes have been used to buy solar panels

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