Wisconsin: Mulatto Connected to Homicide of White College Student

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2018

Daniel Vanderpool.

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Charges have been filed in connection with the homicide of Jason Killips, 36, a Carthage College student found dead in a Kenosha apartment on Nov. 30.

Daniel Vanderpool, 39, faces one count of operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent, repeater and one count of felony bail jumping, repeater. Prosecutors said Vanderpool took Killips’ vehicle, which was missing after the homicide.

A criminal complaint said on Nov. 30, Killips’ father contacted police to check the welfare of his son Jason, reporting he had not had contact with his son for eight days. Jason Killips was found dead when police made access to the apartment near 15th Street and 39th Avenue. The complaint said he had “multiple lacerations to his body.” His vehicle wasn’t there.

The complaint said Killips’ parents said they last saw their son on Thanksgiving, Nov. 22. He said he brought a friend over, and introduced him as “Cory.” Investigators checked Facebook, and found the profile for Daniel “Cory” Vanderpool, which was consistent with the description provided by Killips’ parents of “Cory.”

Investigators learned early on Nov. 23, around 1 a.m., Killips’ vehicle was captured by a license plate reader at Walmart in Mount Pleasant. Vanderpool was caught on camera exiting the vehicle and entering the store, the complaint said. At the Walmart store, Vanderpool is alleged to have pawned a cellphone. The box for that phone was found in Killips’ apartment. A receipt indicated it was purchased by Killips on Nov. 2.

Jason Killips.