WITCH HUNT: Maria Butina Now Being Accused of Trump Subversion

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2018

This fucking bizarre kookspiracy thing about Russia has culminated in actual Russians living in the US getting arrested.

To any Russian who is still living in the States, this is what you have to look forward to. You should get out while you still can. Y’all are some of the most gullible and naive people in the world and you’re just not going to be able to hack it in the new America. I don’t say this with malice, but if you aren’t reading the tea leaves here, and you’re still sitting pretty in America… you should basically know that you’re on a list and you might get a knock on the door if you ever participated in civil society.

Luckily, Russians are also the most anti-social of all White people and aren’t that interested in civil society or participating in it, so in this case Maria Butina is indeed quite the exception.

And because of that fatal mistake, she’s basically going to have her life ruined.


Maria Butina, the 29-year-old Russian national charged with conspiracy and acting as an unregistered Russian agent, interacted with former Trump campaign aide J.D. Gordon in the lead-up to the 2016 election, according to a new report.

Rosalind Helderman at the Washington Post reported on Friday that Butina and Gordon, who served as director of national security for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, exchanged multiple emails in September and October of 2016. He had already left Trump’s campaign at the time, though he was offered a role in the transition team. Gordon, a former naval officer and Pentagon spokesman under George W. Bush’s administration, invited Butina to a Styx concert and to his birthday party, according to documents and testimony given to the Senate Intelligence Committee and described to the Post.

The only halfway decent organization advancing Russian interests abroad is the Russian MFA and they at least did something. 

But I don’t see much else going on.

Could you imagine the uproar if Russia arrested some American kike trying to promote “democracy” and fag rights in Russia?

Anyways, the hoax continues.

According to the Post, Paul Erickson, a Republican operative and lobbyist, connected Butina and Gordon via email after they met at a party at the Swiss ambassador’s residence in September 2016. Erickson appears to have been Butina’s most important American contact and is reportedly “US Person 1” who helped introduce Butina to influential US political figures in court documents outlining the charges against Butina.

Who the fuck is Paul Erickson?

Wikipedia says that the guy has worked in Conservatism Inc. his entire life, with a not-so-cucked record on important issues like gun rights.

He apparently started dating Maria Butina and that’s why he’s under investigation as well.

Holy shit, fam. 

Is this really what the Deep State kikes are going to do now? Arrest everyone with a Russian girlfriend?

Maybe it’s just bigger man-jawed Western bitches running these agencies after all. Mad that Trump won. Mad that he banged porn stars and that no man ever wanted to stay around after fucking their disgusting WONK pussy.

Remember: this mentally-ill, CREEPY AF witch almost became CIA director.

It’s a fucking freak mafia running America at this point.

Erickson described Butina as a “special friend” of the NRA in the introductory email and said that Gordon had a “crucial role in the Trump transition effort and would be an excellent addition to any of the US/Russia friendship dinners to occasionally hold.” Gordon responded the email with a clip of an appearance he’d made on state-run Russian English-language media outlet RT in which he said Trump had a “real common-sense approach to Russia.”

If you ever stop towing the line, we’re going to call you a spy and arrest you. That’s what that means.

Gordon was assigned as the point person for an advisory group on foreign policy and national security for the Trump campaign in March 2016 and left the campaign in August 2016. He’s said he never did anything on the transition.

As the Post notes, he was the campaign’s point person for a Republican Party platform committee discussion in which he advocated against language endorsing the US sending lethal defense weapons to Ukraine. He has said it was because that was in line with Trump’s views that he didn’t want to go to “World War III” over Ukraine. 

That’s literally every single blogger in the Alt-Right. Does having pro-peace views and being involved in civil society mean that you’re now a spy?


This is whack.

I’m tempted to tap into my inner lefty – I keep a little bit of lefty inside me so that I can understand their point of view and better mock it – and say, “this is fascism, maaaan.”

But actually, this is your society when it’s foreign policy and intelligence agencies are run by literal trotskyite kikes who got booted out of Russia by Stalin in the 50s and who then decided to make America the vehicle for worldwide revolution, not the USSR.

By the time the Clinton administration rolled around, the kikes had basically taken over America’s foreign policy, something they had been doing piece-meal and as part of a deal where they offered their services to fight the USSR.

The Jew has a special burning hatred in his heart for the Slav, never forget that.