With McCain Gone, US Forces Able to Kill ISIS Leader

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2018

With John McCain no longer in the way, using his clout in congress to protect Islamic terrorists across the planet, US forces are able to kill ISIS.


US forces in Afghanistan confirmed Sunday that the head of ISIS in the country was killed in a strike a little over a week ago.

The strike, on Saturday, August 25, was in the eastern area of Nangarhar province and killed Abu Sayed Orakzai, according to a statement from US forces in Afghanistan.

CNN reported previously that the ISIS leader and 10 other fighters from the terrorist group were killed in an airstrike, according to provincial spokesman Attaullah Khogyani.

Khogyani told CNN previously that Afghan and coalition forces carried out the strike after receiving intelligence from Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security.

“America and her allies are in Afghanistan to maintain pressure on the networked, trans-regional terrorists attempting to plot, resource and direct attacks from here,” Army Gen. Scott Miller, commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, said in a statement Sunday. “This is only part of the coalition’s work towards an Afghan security solution, but it is a vital part.”

The death of the leader is the third time US forces have killed a self-proclaimed head of ISIS in Afghanistan since July 2016, according to the US.

I do not know if I believe these regular updates about dead terrorists, but whatever. It is highly symbolic that this was announced yesterday just as John McCain was being stuffed into a hole in the ground.

Afghanistan is a stupid disaster still.

Theresa May just sent a bunch of troops there for whatever reason.

Presumably to protect ISIS.

This war is the neverending story.

Hopefully we can just give control back over to the Taliban and call it a wrap.

The US appears to have resigned themselves to make a peace deal with them as soon as they’re ready to talk.


The outgoing U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson, issued an impassioned call to Taliban insurgents Sunday, asking them to “stop killing your fellow Afghans” and go to the peace table.

But Nicholson also issued a warning. “Make no mistake, until you are willing to start talking, we will keep fighting,” he said.

Russia is getting them ready to talk.

I think that issue is going to be solved.

John McCain is dead, Paul Ryan is resigning, Trump people are winning everything. I don’t think there is any will to keep this bullshit going.

Just strike a peace deal with the Taliban and the government, let them get rid of ISIS, fin.