Woman Held as Sex Slave by Black for Three Months Finally Escapes

Daily Stormer
February 4, 2014

Clifton Wilkes, torture rapist.

The blacks are a dark and evil force, occupying our lands and abusing our people.

From KMOV:

A St. Louis woman escaped from her kidnapper’s house after being held captive, raped, and tortured for three months.

Authorities said Clifton Wilkes allegedly kept the woman locked in his bedroom and is facing more than a dozen charges.

The woman escaped Wednesday and ran to a neighbor’s house for help, but Wilkes reportedly chased her down and dragged her back to his house. That’s when authortities were alerted and arrested Wilkes.

Only a blurb about these actions of a son of Obama.  No public outcry.  No desire for justice.  Just another destroyed life.