Woman Punts Niglet Like a Dodgeball

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

I like the idea of random women punting niglets to create NIGLET BLOODSPORTS, but it actually looks like she was trying to help the girl the niglet was nigging on.


In the video, a little boy can be seen kicking a little girl, as an adult man separates them saying ‘No kicking!’

An adult woman then kicks the little boy twice, saying ‘No kicking! You want to kick? How do you feel?’

Jax claims that the woman seen in the video was actually encouraging the two children to fight.

“As they were fighting the little boy was distressed. He did not want to fight,” Jax said. “She was standing there laughing.”

Jax says plenty of people were watching as the little girl took him to the ground.

“The little girl got him in a headlock on the ground and he wanted her off, he couldn’t breathe,” Jax said.

Finally, she says, it was when the little boy kicked his way free that the woman kicked him.

“The man said no hitting, no kicking, and that’s when she came around and kicked that boy so hard.”