Womb Terrorism and the South Asian Village Mentality

The Traitor Within
January 31, 2014

Rani Bilkhu, of the charity Jeena International.

On 30 January 2014, The Daily Mail quoted Rani Bilkhu, of the charity Jeena International, thus:

“The Government can no longer brush this practice under the carpet as they have done. They are hiding behind political correctness to appease certain migrant communities who practise what I call ‘womb terrorism.’

This is not a debate about the rights and wrongs of abortion, but an issue of violence against women before they are born. It is common among Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi communities not to value girls. Gender-selective abortions are rife in their home countries and the same practices have been brought here to Britain.

Even women born and brought up here are ashamed if they have girls rather than boys. It is not a religious thing, but a cultural belief that boys are superior and of more value to the family…

A baby girl is viewed as a financial burden and is a second-class citizen. It is a village mentality and the further up north in the UK you go, the worse it gets. It is just like living back home in the Punjab where baby girls are routinely aborted by the mother eating a poisonous plant.”

Uraj, a Pakistani Muslim, told us this:

“I had an arranged marriage… after meeting my husband in Karachi, Pakistan. He was 15 years older than me, but both the families approved of the match. We moved to Britain and our first baby was a girl. He did not like that and made it clear he wanted the next child… to be a boy…

After they had done the scan, my husband was the one to ask the nurses what the sex of the baby was. The nurses said a girl, and he went very quiet…

We went home and soon he told me I must get rid of the baby… He tied my hands behind my back with string, pushed me to the floor, and then began to hit me. He was aiming at my stomach and I curled in a ball to protect the baby. He pulled out clumps of my hair, gave me a black eye, and beat me on my arms, legs and body. When he had finished with me, I was unconscious…

He hated me for the fact I had given birth to girls. He was never fatherly to my first daughter. He never picked her up, cuddled her, or looked at her. My daughters had brought shame on his family. Even my own sister said I should have stayed with him, got rid of my second girl, and made the marriage work.”


Asha, a Sikh, said:

“I was worried about her future growing up in my community that is still deeply hostile to girls. She would have to fight prejudice all her life …

When you have a baby girl in the south Asian community, they treat you as if someone has died. If anything, the number of women having these selective abortions is getting bigger…

There is such a strong feeling that boys are best.

The dread over the cost of paying a dowry to the husband when a daughter marries hangs over families from the day a daughter is born. A dowry cripples the girl’s family financially. Cash is handed over, gold, cars, washing machines. The system is a lot to blame.”

The Mail’s Sue Reid added:

“Listening to her words, it is hard to believe they are being spoken by a British-born mother in the sophisticated capital of a modern, first-world country, where women have enjoyed the same voting rights as men since 1928.

Yet Asha, a Sikh whose parents came here from the Punjab, is telling me about a practice campaigners fear is worryingly common among some families living here originally from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It has been discovered that the selective abortion of female foetuses (often with the unwitting connivance of the NHS) has provoked significant shifts in the natural sex-ratio of these migrant communities in favour of boys.

Up to 4,700 unborn girls are estimated to have been deliberately aborted, following an analysis of the 2011 national census figures.”


Diversity, eh, what on earth would we be without it?

A whole lot f***ing happier, that’s what we’d be!

Hate the PC Crowd, folks. They, the Global Elite and their bought politicians did this to us. For fifty years now they put ‘families… from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh’ a long way before us. In our own lands! In the lands that our ancestors willed to us! I wouldn’t mind if they put them first in their own neck of the woods, that would only be right, but here, after all the hard work, sacrifice and struggle, after the deaths in all the wars, what on earth were we fighting for if those we trusted to look after our interests can give it all away in a few short decades?

They even created a whole new body of law to protect and promote them and demote and criminalise us if we complained too strongly about the ever-increasing presence in our world of the baby-killers, the honour-killers, the FGM-merchants and the paedophiles!

Then they insisted that we celebrate their culture and customs and presence here as they were demeaning and degrading our own. Even now, when ‘the Government can no longer brush this practice under the carpet as they have done,’ they are still calling us ‘racists’ if we don’t clap hands and ‘celebrate’ along with rest.

Oh, you should hate them all right. By God you should!

And by the way, if you ever cast your vote for the social engineers who made all this happen again, you should hate yourselves as well.