Women Show Off Their Mustaches While Encouraging Others to Grow Theirs in Degenerate New Razor Ad

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2019

Not bad for current year standards.

Daily Mail:

A razor company has released a new campaign that celebrates the female mustache in an attempt to change the conversation surrounding female body hair.

Trendy female-focused brand Billie has made its mark in the razor industry by releasing barrier-breaking ads that actually promote female body hair — and now the company has set its sights on women’s mustaches.

‘For us, women’s mustaches were important to talk about — we all have them, in some shape or form, but no one talks about them, except when it’s time to discreetly remove them,’ Billie Co-Founder Georgina Gooley told DailyMail.com of the latest campaign, which was released in honor of month-long charity campaign Movember.

In the campaign ad, it features women proudly modeling their upper lip hair for the cameras.

It’s time to make an ad for pink toilet paper that glorifies women pooping (in the correct bathroom though) because you know, women poop too! Maybe encourage them to record the sound of their farts too and upload it to Instagram or something.

Our hair has a very important announcement to make…women have mustaches too,’ the campaign models express while proudly displaying their facial hair.

‘The world may not know this because we go through a lot to hide them,’ the ad continues, showing women using a range of hair removal products like wax, razors, and lasers to rid the upper lip of all hair.


They look like trannies though.


But Billie went on to encourage women to embrace their facial hair for the month of November instead of attempting to hide it.

‘This Movember we’re growing them out and joining in,’ the campaign encouraged viewers. ‘Cause a ‘stache is a ‘stache. And we shouldn’t let our perfectly good ones go to waste.’

Absolutely disgusting.

If they want to go ahead and stop grooming themselves for a month because they naturally grow beards or whatever, then they should also take it a step further and stop taking baths altogether because they naturally get dirtier as time passes anyways.

Just go ahead and glorify decadence. Let it grow. Let it stink. Let it rot.

Movember was the optimal time for Billie to launch its latest message about body hair as the month of November is typically dedicated to males growing out their mustaches to raise awareness for men’s health.

Now, the razor brand hopes women can join in on the cause by modeling their own facial hair without the pressure to hide it.

‘We’re hoping to encourage women to feel more comfortable with their upper lip hair,’ Gooley said. ‘We’ve spent our lives going to great lengths to hide them and we want women to be able to sport them out in the open if they want.’

Don’t stop there. Do the bath thing too!

Encourage women to join in on the cause by “modeling” their own disgusting body odor after days of not taking baths and not washing their clothes. Take the pressure off them.

Keeping themselves presentable is apparently too stressful for modern women, so it seems we’re looking at a future full of obese fur balls.