“Women, We are Coming”: These are the Helpless “Refugees”

Diversity Macht Frei
October 3, 2017

For centuries, all Europeans living around the coastal Mediterranean lived in fear of pirate raids from Islamic North Africa. Muslim ships could suddenly descend on some hapless village in the dead of night, kill half the population and carry the rest off in slavery. (See more here)

Something similar is happening now. North Africans are again launching maritime raids on Europe. And our governments are just standing by and letting it happen. Worse, they are actively facilitating it.

There are now web sites where North Africans organise these trips and post videos boasting about how easy it is.

And here’s what happens at the other end. They are just disembarking in Europe, without controls of any kind. In Italy these are called “Sbarchi fantasma” [Ghost landings or disembarkations]