Women’s Brains “Four Years Younger” Than Men’s, Study Finds

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

Scientists have discovered an interesting fact about the intellectual powerhouses of our time.

The Guardian:

Women’s brains are nearly four years younger than men’s, at least in how they burn fuel, according to scans performed byW US researchers.

Scientists found that healthy women have a “metabolic brain age” that is persistently younger than men’s of the same chronological age. The difference is apparent from early adulthood and remains into old age.

The finding suggests that changes in how the brain uses energy over a person’s lifetime proceed more gradually in women than they do in men. While researchers are unsure of the medical consequences, it may help explain why women tend to stay mentally sharp for longer.

Yeah, intensively using things tends to wear those things down faster than not using them and just having them sit there in a cranial cavity.

Men use their brains more than women use theirs. This is evident to anyone who has observed a group of people or looked a bit at history. We do things, we invent, we create, we solve problems, we conquer, we overcome, we fight, we build, and we do pretty much everything important with the exception of growing babies inside of us. Thankfully we have our womb-containers for that one.

But our womb-containers were given the vote and the ability to choose, and they’re choosing whoredom instead of motherhood, so they’re not only not using their brains but they’re also not even using their wombs. No wonder they “stay sharp for longer.”

The great mystery is why,” said Raichle. The researchers suspect something other than hormonal differences are at work because the difference in metabolism stays the same when women enter the menopause.

Pencils that are not used also stay sharp for longer. It’s no mystery, really.

It is not clear what the difference means. The scientists are keen to investigate whether people with low glucose metabolism in particular parts of the brain are more prone to memory loss, learning problems and neurodegenerative diseases as they age.

It means women are not really meant to use their brains very intensively because that is men’s job. Women have a very specific, singular function.

Everyone knows what women are meant to do. Even if they act as if they don’t, deep down they do. It’s evident.

The rest is up to us.