Women’s Jobs are Twice as Likely to be Replaced by Robots as Men’s

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2019

The Robot THOT Patrol is coming.

Daily Mail:

Women are twice as likely to have jobs that could be replaced by robots, according to a study.

Around one in ten is in a role with a ‘high potential’ for automation such as social care, retail and hospitality.

Experts at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said women over 60 were at the greatest disadvantage.

Their jobs are four times as likely as those of men of the same age to be taken by robots.

They’re supposed to be grandmothers helping take care of their grandchildren by the time they’re 60.

Now the ones that are childless are also likely to lose their jobs and there’ll be nothing in their lives able to distract their minds from the fact that they’re alone, useless, and with nothing to look forward to other than Netflix, cheap wine and the indifference of their cats.

They should have stayed in the kitchen.

The think-tank’s Future Is Ours report said 9 per cent of women are in jobs at risk of automation, compared with 4 per cent of men.

This means women make up 64 per cent of workers in roles with high potential for automation, while men make up 36 per cent.

This is hilarious. Women are not just going to be replaced in the sexual market by sex robots — they’re also going to be replaced in the job market as well!

But not everything about robots is funny. They really are going to take a lot of jobs, and men and women will both suffer the wrath of the machines. Automation is happening, it is a thing, it is not a question of if. Companies are constantly looking for ways to get machines to do people’s job and it’s only a matter of time before big portions of the population find themselves directly affected as a consequence of that.

In this context, it is insane to even consider taking people in, no matter the condition. H-1B, asylum seeker, illegal alien — they’re all the same.

We should be thinking about how to keep the people that are already here fed and occupied to prevent massive riots, suicides and chaos but instead, most politicians are trying to get more people in.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

America should be using its current wealth and the GDP that Trump boasts about so much to secure an army of Cylons owned by the people, so they can get to work to generate food, clothing, and to provide money while humans occupy themselves with more important stuff.

It would be like the $1,000 a month, but better.

The money to do it exists. Every American could soon stop having to work for basic necessities if only the government invested in an army of robot servants.

Could it be that it isn’t happening because the hands that rule are not just after the material gains resulting from the goyim’s labor?

Could it be that something feeds off of the crushed souls of the goyim?