Women’s Weak Spot Revealed: Woman Sues Gynecologist Because of Alleged Sexual Touching

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2019

When the pussy doctor touches a pussy.

This kind of lawsuit reveals a lot about women.


A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a gynecologist who worked for the University of California, Los Angeles, has sued the university’s regents, the doctor and 20 other parties.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court says Dr. James Heaps inappropriately touched her genitals, breast and buttock at his office in 2017 while having her intrauterine device removed. She also claims he made inappropriate sexual comments.

The woman has suffered “tremendous and lasting harm,” the lawsuit states.

Heaps, 62, is criminally charged with two counts of sexual battery by fraud and pleaded not guilty on Monday. The woman’s attorney, Jennifer McGrath, confirmed her client is one of two unidentified women cited as victims in that case.

Heaps has denied any wrongdoing. His attorney, Tracy Green, called the lawsuit “completely exaggerated” and said his exams were always thorough and some patients may have misunderstood that his touching was for a medical purpose.

“Someone doesn’t practice for 30 years and all of a sudden change their approach,” she said.

The lawsuit also alleges the state medical board investigated a 2014 complaint against Heaps involving another possible victim; Green said that case was closed with no finding of wrongdoing.

Ann Fromholz, a Pasadena-based employment lawyer who has conducted hundreds of workplace investigations, said UCLA may have violated state and federal employment law, as well as its own sexual violence reporting policies, when it failed to act on two of the four complaints against Heaps.

“It doesn’t make any sense why they didn’t go further,” she said.

She also said campus officials should have alerted the community to allegations sooner to seek out additional victims and protect others.

UCLA Health has apologized for its response to the accusations.

The scandal comes in the wake of hundreds of accusations of sexual abuse by the nearby University of Southern California’s longtime staff gynecologist, who has not been criminally charged.

Heaps’ attorney said it’s “irresponsible” to compare the two.

In the lawsuit, the woman claims another UCLA gynecologist referred her to Heaps. Her first appointment, where her family was present, went smoothly.

At her second appointment, she alleges Heaps groped her and fondled “without medical justification” her even as a female nurse was present. Her family was not there.

She really was fearful while the incident was occurring,” McGrath said.

There you have it.

Grabbing women by the pussy is the ultimate THOT-patrolling, INSTANT WIN move. These strong and independent women are paralyzed and scared the moment someone grabs their privates.

They can’t defend themselves.

They can’t say no.

They can’t ask you to stop.

They don’t know how to react.

They just stay still in absolute shock and terror while you fondle their genitals.

So much for bashing the patriarchy.

See, when naked screaming banshees demand the blood of the patriarchy, the patriarchy can literally just grab them by the pussy to disarm them and they’ll just get petrified.

No need for violence, no need to arrest them. No need to drag them anywhere.

Push their clitoris button and they’ll turn themselves off, just like that.

For some reason, they can’t deal with the pussy grabbing while they’re being pussy-grabbed, so they wait until the pussy grabbing ends and then they complain to someone else, because obviously they won’t confront the pussy grabbers lest they get their pussies grabbed again.

There’s been another recent, similar case that shows this dynamic in a more blatant way.

In Argentina, a woman went to see a traumatologist because her knees were hurting, and the doctor finger-banged her for at least half an hour.

She told Cronica that the doctor asked her to undress, gave her a back massage and then, out of the blue, he put his finger in her vagina.

What did she do?


She was “shocked, unable to react.”

The doctor then allegedly kept his finger inside of her for at least half an hour and engaged in “masturbatory” movements. To express her discomfort, the woman decided to move her body multiple times while she tried to “gather the strength to say something.” She says that the doctor may have realized she wasn’t comfortable with that because he asked if he was hurting her but she says she couldn’t answer and that she was absolutely still and quiet.

The woman says that the whole thing stopped because the doctor’s phone rang and she took the chance to get dressed and leave… after at least a half-hour of massages and finger-banging.

Once we regain control over our countries, we won’t need to use any kind of physical violence to get women in line.

We’ll just go around grabbing the uppity ones by the pussy.

They’ll just stand there making this face as they lose control over their bodies.