World War Anus: Brunei Latest Target of George Clooney and the GloboHomo Industrial Complex

Daily Stormer
April 6, 2019

Brunei is a tiny Islamic kingdom located in Southeast Asia.

Cut out of the Malaysian side of the Island of Borneo, it is hardly any larger than a city state.

It is a completely irrelevant country. Most people are not even aware that this country exists.

That doesn’t stop Big Gay from bringing all their weapons to bear on the tiny nation, however.

They’re trying to cripple the economy until buttsex is officially enshrined in the constitution.


The social media accounts of Brunei-owned luxury hotels have been deleted or made inaccessible amid an ongoing backlash over anti-LGBT laws.

Brunei introduced strict Islamic laws this week that make gay sex punishable by flogging or stoning to death.

Celebrities including George Clooney are calling on the public to boycott luxury hotels owned by Brunei.

Now the social media accounts of these hotels have become inaccessible following criticism online. 

So now a country gets sanctioned because George Clooney said so?

Think about it. Hollywood is doing something unprecedented here. They’re going around the US government (who actually enforces GloboHomoShlomo anyway) and just proceeding to wage economic warfare on Brunei.

These are sanctions in anything but name. An act of war, no less.

The social backlash appears to have escalated after US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres shared a Twitter post naming the nine Brunei-owned hotels to boycott. 

A lesbian talk show shrew decides whether the economy of Brunei lives or dies.

Even though they’re Islamic, no one deserves a fate like this. They are being nagged to death.

There is a rising World War on anyone on earth who questions the alleged right of a man to ram his penis into another man’s butthole.

This first got started when Obama started sanctioning certain African nations for making this disgusting and evil act illegal.

Trump has continued the process of trying to force the entire planet to fuck each other in the ass, but apparently he isn’t going hard enough for the hard international faggot mafia.

However, at this point, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Trump came out and backed up George and Ellen with government sanctions against Brunei.

“Donald, people are mad about the border, but I think your base would really appreciate it if you sanctioned this tiny Southeast Asian country for not allowing man on man anal. This would really be a big win for your brand, Donald, people are going to love it.”

“Brilliant idea, Jared – people are really mad about the most immigrants ever in history coming into America, but if I force people in a tiny Islamic country to fuck each other up the ass, it’s gonna be YUGE. Big win. The biggest. Thanks, Jared – you always have the best ideas – a real big thinker. That’s why I keep you around. Hand me my phone, I’ll announce this plan on Twitter right now and the people will love me again.”

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