Would It Really be So Bad to Live in Brazil?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2019

If becoming Brazil means more Ocean’s 11 style heists happening from time to time, then I’m all for it.


It took a team of armed robbers disguised as cops less than 3 minutes to steal some $40mn worth of gold and other precious metals from a Sao Paulo airport terminal in a sophisticated heist that was captured by CCTV cameras.

Without firing a single shot, the gang of eight pulled off what has become Brazil’s third-largest robbery ever, worthy of the most sophisticated Hollywood scripts. The footage captured by a security camera shows the suspects arriving at the export depot of the cargo terminal of Brazil’s busiest airport in a black truck, resembling a federal police vehicle. 

The only reason that you can’t steal any gold in America is that all the gold in America belongs to the kikes.

In Brazil though, the people can occasionally rob banks and still get away with it. What America needs a lot more of are gangs of suave Hollywood celebrities willing to steal Jewish gold… someone get Mel Gibson on the line!

I say “Jewish gold” mind you, but we all know that they stole it from the goyim, so really it’s not theirs.

Mel would be justified in taking it and funding The Passion of the Christ II and III. Funny enough, the last people to try this were in the Aryan Republican Army.

Peak optics

But even though the Brazilians were clearly inspired by the Aryan Republican Army, it appears that the pupils have outdone the masters and that means we can no longer make fun of Brazil on the internet.

Four masked men jumped out and confronted the airport workers, forcing them to load 750 kilos of gold and precious metals valued at around $40 million and destined for Zurich, Switzerland and New York, USA, into their car.

The gang took two people hostage, but released them after abandoning the vehicles used in the robbery. As part of their getaway plan, the gang offloaded the precious cargo into a van and an ambulance and escaped in an unknown direction.

It occurs to me that if we’re going to have Multi-Kulti, we need to start importing masses of Brazilians who will rob banks and make the Jews cry.

Everything else in America is open to thieving and looting, but the Jews have their gold on lockdown in America.

And let me tell you something.

Robbing a bank is one of those secret get rich quick methods that the experts never tell you about. They tell you to skip the lattes and reuse paper towels, but never to start planning your next heist.

Scam artists the whole lot of them.

Now, clearly, any enterprising modern-day entrepreneur looking to pull a reverse Indiana Jones needs to take into account that no one in America has any money except Boomers and Jews.

You can raid a retirement home or you can pull one of these:

The way I see it, if we’re going to become Brazil in our lifetimes, we should at least be allowed to have some fun with it.