WOW. NPCs Really Are Real. Proof Below.

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

The core idea of the NPC meme is that these people do not have “souls”; that is they do not have a conscious “inner voice” in their head narrating their lives. As such, the void where a human soul should be is filled by the incessant noise in their environment – the media.

They are entirely unconscious of themselves and thus do not process information at all – they simply absorb it from authority in the form of soundbytes and slogans that they the go on to regurgitate without question.

On its own, this is a comprehensive theory of leftist behavior. But we didn’t have proof.

Until now.

Take a look at this leftist Twitter compilation I saw floating around on /pol/.

Well, there you go.

Doesn’t get much clearer than that.

But it is crazy.

Really crazy. 

These leftists really don’t have an inner voice.


I can’t even think of them as humans anymore.

This is a serious red pill.

It kind of blows the idea of democracy right out of the water, doesn’t it? 

How can you give people with no inner voices the right to vote?

They’re just automatons to be manipulated at will by the powers that be…

S-should we… I don’t know… should we perhaps just genocide them? Would that even be called a genocide?? They don’t have souls to even be killing. 

Do NPC lives matter?

The Jewish-controlled media will certainly try to tell us that they do…

But I suspect the truth is that NPC lives do NOT matter.

Once we understand this, everything else will fall into place.