Wow, So You Got Naked with a Man You Paid to Touch You and He Touched You. mfw.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2017

I think the Jews are throwing stuff like this out there to make the whole #MeToo thing look stupid.

Fox News:

Massage Envy, the nation’s largest massage franchise, says it is planning to “strengthen” its policies after more than 180 women have come forward with accusations of sexual assault against the company’s massage therapists and managers.

According to a report published by Buzzfeed News on Sunday, scores of former clients have accused Massage Envy’s employees of criminal behavior, including unwanted groping, fondling and sexual assault.

Franchisees and managers, too, have been accused of mishandling or covering up incidents of alleged sexual misconduct.

In one complaint, former customer Susan Ingram said she was assaulted in 2015 by a male masseur named James Deiter, who inserted his fingers in her vagina and pushed his erection against her body while she lay “frozen in fear.”

Ingram added that she later informed the manager about his behavior, only to be told that she was welcome to return to the massage parlor to discuss the incident. She opted instead to phone the police, and Deiter admitted to assaulting Ingram during questioning.

Deiter was subsequently sentenced to prison for assaulting nine of his clients in total.

The only abuses of massagers that I am aware of is financial abuse – that is, when they give you a happy ending without letting you know until afterwards you’re going to have to pay extra. Sometimes as much as ten dollars.


Seriously though.

We can’t allow metooism to fall prey to his sort of dumbness.

Metooism is the most powerful meme of our generation, and if it continues unabated, it is going to bring down the entire system.