WWIII: Ukraine Calls for NATO to Bring Ships to Azov Sea to Kick Off War with Russia

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2018

It is so insane to me that I can sit here and watch these events unfold and be completely aware of everything that is happening, but somehow the majority of people in the West can look at it and have no idea what is happening.

Then I remember that I am the most censored person in all of human history, and realize that maybe I’m just special somehow.

But seriously: the Ukraine sends in ships to violate Russian territory, has them driving around doing a bunch of erratic and weird maneuvers, threatening Russian ships, then they are captured by Russia – because what the hell else is Russia supposed to do in that situation – and the Ukraine then responds to the response to their provocation by calling for a global escalation.

Do you really have to be some kind of special intellect to grasp that this was a purposeful provocation staged for the express purpose of creating a casus belli that allows NATO to monumentally escalate its aggression against Russia?

I do not feel that I am a special person. In fact, I feel that this situation is self-explanatory, simply based on the mainstream news reports of this series of events.


The Kremlin has sharply criticized the Ukrainian president’s plea for NATO to deploy naval ships to the Sea of Azov amid a standoff with Russia.

President Petro Poroshenko made the call in an interview with the German daily Bild published Thursday, hoping that NATO countries “are now ready to relocate naval ships to the Sea of Azov in order to assist Ukraine and provide security.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Poroshenko’s request is “clearly aimed at provoking further tensions” and driven by the Ukrainian leader’s “electoral and domestic policy motives.”

In Sunday’s confrontation, Russian ships fired on and seized three Ukrainian vessels and their crews trying to pass into the Sea of Azov through the Kerch Strait between Russia’s mainland and Crimea, which it annexed from Ukraine.

Just so you understand, this is the Sea of Azov:

What this man is calling for is to put NATO warships effectively inside of Russia.

Unless you were purposefully trying to provoke a World War, why would you request that?

I Doubt They’ll Go That Far

I don’t think NATO is ready to attempt to force its way through Russian waters in order to station war ships there.

Russia has a bridge built between the mainland and Crimea.

Meaning NATO would have to go under that bridge to reach Azov.

I think it is extremely unlikely that Russia would allow NATO warships passage through there, and it is also extremely unlikely that NATO would try to fight their way through – at least right now.

On Monday, the head of NATO voiced support for the Ukraine.

But he has to know that Trump isn’t going to allow him to just go and start WWIII.

Poroshenko is working for the Western Jews, and is demanding something insanely outrageous in order to settle on something slightly less outrageous.

A big part of this was probably aimed at trying to cancel a meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin, as well as to just generally escalate tensions and demonize Russia further for dealing with what amounted to an attack.

Whatever the case, if NATO isn’t abolished, we are going to end up in WWIII. Because it is very clear that the goal of NATO is to provoke a war with Russia and force America to fight it. If you think starting WWIII over Ukrainian border integrity is stupid, well then consider the fact that WWII was started over Polish border integrity.

They can start wars for any reason and then use the fact that a war has started to justify the continuation of the war. If for instance NATO ships tried to force their way into the Sea of Azov, and Russia shot at them, they could say “we have to go to war with Russia because they are attacking NATO ships without cause.”

I’ll tell you though. Looking at the media’s concern for the borders of the Ukraine in contrast to their demands that the US abolish its own border is quite the thing.

We are literally being told outright by the Jewish media that Americans must die to protect the border integrity of a former soviet state on the other side of the world, while also being told that protecting our own border integrity is pure evil.

If the goyim are really this stupid, then maybe they do deserve to be wiped out.