Yeah Bro. We Def Fought the Wrong War in Afghanistan.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

Not long ago, I skimmed an article in The Economist or some such similar publication. Can’t find it now. But it was basically headlined something along the lines of “did we fight the wrong war in Afghanistan?”

It was of course some dumb bullshit about how we should have propped up a different sect against the Taliban. Some complicated-sounding nonsense for the 115 IQ plebs who think reading these shitmags makes them sound intelligent when they repeat things from it at Starbucks or cocktail parties or wherever the fuck people who read The Economist go to socialize with other 115 IQ upper-middle class plebs.

What I mean to say here is this: yeah, we fought the wrong war in Afghanistan.

We should have supported the Taliban.

They literally didn’t do nothing.

Except completely cut heroin production in the country to almost zero. They were literally just driving up to heroin farms in jeeps, killing everyone there, and burning the fields.

They weren’t going to invade America. I promise you, they weren’t going to ride camels across the ocean and invade us.

And if we would have backed them, they would have given us Osama Bin Laden. If he was even there.

A relatively well-known Al-Jazeera journalist interviewed him there after 911 and he said he didn’t do it but saluted whoever did.

True story.

So if this random asshole can find him, presumably the US could have found him. The Taliban offered him if the US could provide proof he did 911. They also could have just sent in a special forces team to arrest him. They did not do either, and instead invaded the country.

At least part of the drive behind that was the issue of the Taliban killing the heroin industry.

It wasn’t the main thing. The main thing was the whole PNAC Jew plot to invade and topple every Moslem regime.

But no one complained about the cheap heroin flooding into the US.

Probably at least partially in body bags, like they did in Vietnam.

Weird story.

Sad story.