Yellow Vests Part VIII – Fisticuffs Edition

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2019

Another Saturday, another Yellow Vest revolt. These might be getting smaller, but they’re not getting worser.

A heroic Chad boxer decided to punish the police for still not stepping down and letting the people overthrow Macron peacefully.

Heavy blows of righteous fury rained down on the virgin police officer’s masked head.

Armed to the teeth and on the high ground, he is still reduced to a shivering mess hiding behind his plastic virgin shield. Pathetic.

Plenty of street fighters seem to have taken up the Yellow Vest cause.

I condemn violence in any shape or form… but God, it felt satisfying to watch that. Also if you look closely, it seems to be the same street fighter in both videos.

Meanwhile, more and more accusations of anti-Semitism are being leveled at the Yellow Vests.

The Telegraph:

A French singer whose music video about the “yellow vest” anti-government protests went viral on social media has rejected accusations that her song is anti-Semitic.

Marguerite, 28, performs the song while dancing with a group of women and children on a roundabout, most of whom are wearing high-visibility jackets.

The lyrics express sympathy for the “yellow vests”, ironically describing them as “the bad guys” while referring to the police who tear-gassed the protesters as “the nice guys”.

The song is a pastiche of a 1975 hit by Michel Fugain, a French pop star, called “Les Gentils, les Méchants” (The Nice Guys and the Bad Guys).

The lyric that has attracted most criticism is: “ENA, Rothschild and Bercy are the nice guys” – “ENA” is the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, the elite French college attended by Emmanuel Macron, the president, “Rothschilds”, the bank where he worked, and “Bercy”, the nickname for the finance ministry where Mr Macron served as economy minister.

An interesting strategy by the media, you have to admit.

People go out into the streets to protest the government and globalism – only to be told that they are anti-Semitic by the media.

However, other posts rejected the allegations of racism. “Your comment is very Orwellian,” another user, ‘Gégé’, replied. “Is describing reality anti-Semitic?”

Definitely, a hmm moment just waiting to happen. 

Especially when you consider just how often “French” banks are being targeted by the French protestors.

I’m waiting for the media to start decrying attacks on banks as anti-Semitic. Or that hating Financiers is actually a Hate Crime.

And in a surprise twist, the French police have found and arrested the Yellow Vest mastermind.

The Irish Times:

Police in France have detained one of the leaders of the gilets jaunes anti-government movement for organising an unauthorised protest, as authorities adopt a tougher approach to try to curb demonstrations by the movement.

The arrested man, Eric Drouet, a lorry driver, already faces trial in June for “carrying a prohibited category-D weapon”, after he was allegedly found with a wooden stick at a previous protest.

An assault stick, no less.

Mr Drouet was arrested by police in Paris on Wednesday night as he was heading towards the Champs-Élysées, where several demonstrators had been waiting for him.

Mr Drouet’s lawyer called the arrest “totally unjustified and arbitrary”. He said Mr Drouet had intended to lay candles at Place de la Concorde in Paris and then meet others in a private place.

France’s minister for the economy, Bruno Le Maire, defended Mr Drouet’s arrest, saying: “It’s called respecting the rule of law . . . It’s normal that when you break the laws of the republic, you face the consequences.”

Sounds a lot like the phrase “freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.”


Think about it. He’s basically saying, “you can protest… but you will face the consequences for doing so.”

The authorities now appear to be clamping down on the continuing protests. The interior ministry wrote to local police chiefs this week saying that the rural and suburban roundabouts and toll booths which have been occupied for weeks should be cleared of protesters.

How are they going to clear these protestors?

If the peel off any policemen from Paris, the Yellow Vests will just re-swarm the city.

Seems like they’ll need to import more policemen from Africa if they want to keep France under check.

Some said that the arrest of Mr Drouet, often seen on TV as a gilets jaunes spokesman, could turn him into a sort of martyr figure and harden the resolve of demonstrators.

Following the arrest, the leftwing leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a fierce critic of Mr Macron, tweeted: “Again Eric Drouet arrested, why? Abuse of power. A politicised police targeting and harassing the leaders of the yellow vest movement.” 

Definitely a bad look for the police and Macron.

Straight-up arresting protest organizers seems like a glaringly obvious mistake.

But Macron probably believes that if the French media stays mum on the subject, he won’t become a rallying point and a martyr.

In general, the whole Yellow Vests crackdown by the government seems to be carried out with the assumption that people just aren’t going to find out about all the brutal Arab dictator-style shit that the police has been doing.

But people have smartphones now.

The videos get out.

Only a total internet block will work now.