Yellow Vests Week 7 Roundup: Watch a Jewess Learn Her Newspaper is Burning Down Live

Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

Mon français is pretty ghastly, but as I’m trying to become a more sophisticated and high-minded individual I’ve decided to get into watching French television. Now I understand what all those hifalutin soyface types have been talking about all these years. This stuff is great. Where else do you get to see a used-up kike slut find out live that the newspaper she manages is burning down?

Or a guy climbing a pole to remove an EU flag in front of a state-controlled radio network?

Or a horde of protestors in front of a TV network owned by an Israeli billionaire?

The media has declared the yellow vests movement dead, as the police have locked down Paris entirely in hopes that images of a calm Champs-Élysées will give the impression domestically and abroad that people don’t care about it anymore. The Jewish media is playing along, only going to the Champs-Élysées to tell everyone that they can go home because the party’s over. The yellow vests have thus taken the war directly to the Jewish media, lighting their newspapers on fire, laying siege to their radio and TV stations. This is actually the most intense and violent week so far in all the protests.

It’s only a matter of time before the movement progresses to kidnapping journalists and their children and executing them. It is obvious how this story ends, and it does not end with the people stopping what they are doing. The Jews, in their hubris, refuse to relinquish their parasitic hold upon the French people. The French people are in turn showing they are willing to sever the connection, no matter how much Jewish blood it will take.

The only major yellow vest action that did not explicitly involve Jewish media outlets this week was in Bordeaux. Hundreds of people came to lay siege to city hall, screaming for the blood of Mayor Alain Juppé.

A mayor seems like an insignificant target, but keep in mind this guy used to be Prime Minister of France and also had several massively influential Minister positions. This guy is the personification of the French swamp, the singular most disgusting and despicable shabbos goyim in all of France.

Finally, it is now officially a meme to shout “Macron pute à juif” — “Macron is a whore for the Jews” into live TV cameras filming in France. We covered this on a previous week’s roundup where someone shouted it at the BBC. This week it happened on an RT stream.

It infuriates me that this is the position that we could have been in over in our own home had we played wisely. The yellow vests is a movement of total normies, MAGA tier types, and the French equivalent to disaffected Bernie bros. If you don’t put on a stahlhelm and instead act normal in public, choosing stated pretexts that aren’t immediately objectionable (like overtaxation) you can go really get a huge number of people involved.

This could be us, but we playin’. Live and learn: there will be another opportunity. We need to get MAGA types demanding a wall with this level of ferocity. And the success of radical right media outlets in France like Démocratie Participative and the mass participation and seventy-some percent popular support for the yellow vests movement proves this can be done. 2019 is coming. In the New Year, there will be new opportunities as the missteps of yesteryear fade into distant memory. Ignore the COINTEL subverters, narcissists, and wignats, don’t involve yourself in any named groups that hundreds of thousands of normies aren’t willing to join and get out there and convince your fellow man to take back America from ZOG.

Once again, another week passes where I am upset that I did not have the honor of being born a Frenchman.