Yellowstone Hate Crime: Bison Tosses Little Brown Girl Right the Hell Into the Air!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2019

A video from Yellowstone National Park shows a bull bison grazing peacefully – until he sees a little brown girl in his space, at which point he charges the disgusting brat and throws her into the air where she belongs!

I could watch that video over and over for the rest of my life and feel I’d lived a full and fulfilling life.

I want to thank Haily Dayton for capturing this footage and posting it on Twitter Tuesday.

Regrettably, she deleted it this morning, citing the fact that people were posting hateful comments.

The brown girl is reportedly 9-years-old, but her name has not been released, probably because she is avoiding deportation.

The bison tried to deport her himself – right into the sky – but she survived this deportation attempt, and will continue to feed off our labor in this great country built by our white ancestors.

It is disgusting that our national parks are now being overrun by the worst sort of people, and I do hope that we will see more animals rising up and fighting back against this trend. American people certainly aren’t going to fight back, so I guess bison and other wildlife are the last line of defense of this once-great nation.

If Donald Trump were serious about stopping the invasion, he’d be releasing bison on the border to assist the border patrol with their agenda.

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