Yemeni Savages Not Welcome in Secondary Korea

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 6, 2018

Who wouldn’t want more Yemenis in his country?

The government of South Korea understands that their country is on the verge of a grave crisis. Their most important export, K-Pop, is getting stale.

It’s okay… I guess.

How could the Korean economy survive, if K-Pop quality starts slipping?

That was a rhetorical question.

Drastic solutions must be considered, here. New blood must be brought to the industry. Yemeni blood.

Only Yemenis can bring K-Pop the fresh new sound it desperately needs.

After all, the people of Yemen are known for their pop music.

O-okay, change of plans.


South Korea will tighten laws governing the arrival of refugees, the Justice Ministry said on Friday, after a rapid rise in the number of Yemeni asylum seekers sparked anti-refugee sentiment in the racially homogeneous country.

Thanks for the English signs, ladies. 

According to anonymous sources, the anti-Yemen riots started after they aired this music video on national TV:

Protest leaders said that the infusion of Yemeni music was “a travesty” and that the “lack of sheilas” in their videos made them completely meaningless.

Most experts agree that music videos featuring goat-faced Yemeni cavewomen are unappealing to normal humans.

More than 552 people from Yemen arrived on the southern resort island of Jeju between January and May, more than the 430 Yemenis who had ever applied for refugee status in South Korea, the ministry said.

The country has granted refugee status to just over 800 people since 1994. The sudden surge in Yemeni arrivals has fueled concern that many could be seeking economic advantage rather than protection and that they could lead to an increase in crime and other social problems.

You don’t say?

The Yemenis are already committing horrible crimes in their own country:

There’s no doubt this criminal culture would be imported right along with them.

More than 540,000 South Koreans have signed an online petition to the presidential Blue House in the past two weeks, asking the government to abolish or amend no-visa entries and the granting of refugee status to applicants.

The Justice Ministry said it will revise the Refugee Act to prevent abuses.

Wow, the people demand a stop to these refugees, and the government actually listens?

I thought this was impossible?

Infinimoslem is the ultimate moral imperative, after all.

So I guess they’ll switch from accepting a few dozen refugees per year, to near zero.

This is great news for South Koreans – and for the world.

Keep K-Pop free of kebab.