Yes, Corbyn is a Threat to the Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

This Israeli Haaretz article is behind a hard paywall (no goyim allowed).

But you don’t really have to read it to know what it says.

Corbyn is some kind of Nazi-Islamist-Communist crossbreed, who is extremely aggressive towards Israel, and has filled the party not only with Jew-hating Moslems, but with white people who are calling for a new Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

This is a Facebook post calling for the mass execution of Jews from a guy who was an official in the Labour Party. A white guy. 

Meanwhile, Jews in Britain are calling other Jews who defend Tommy Robinson “anti-Semites.”

Tommy Robinson is a Zionist, rabid Israel-supporting Moslem-hater.

This guy actually went to Israel and posed on top of an IDF tank holding a weapon in short shorts and flip-flops.

But all but explicitly Jew media is portraying him as the threat, while speaking very little of the Corbyn issue.

The Guardian and other Jew-run publications for goyim are actually trying their best not to report on the fact that the Labour Party is now a den of vitriolic Jew-hate – as they attack Tommy Robinson, who could well actually be a literal Israeli agent.

Remember that Geert Wilders was exposed as having direct ties to Israeli intelligence. So it wouldn’t really be any kind of surprise to find that Tommy has a similar thing going on.

So, I mean.

I don’t even know what to really say about any of this.

But the Jews seem to be having a lot of trouble keeping focused on what exactly it is they are trying to do.

Obviously, flooding Europe with Moslems in order to try to exterminate white people was going to lead to Moslem political power, which was going to lead to increased institutionalized anti-Semitism. So they really don’t seem to have thought this through very well.

That is what I try to tell the people who believe in a massive Jewish conspiracy that is meticulously planned. It really doesn’t exist. There are just a bunch of Jews and Jewish groups trying to Jew the goyim. Generally, this just all worked out. But now it’s all gotten so complicated, that no one knows who is Jewing who anymore, and Jews appear to be Jewing themselves without understanding that this is what they are doing.