Yes, Putin Should be Declared Czar Vladimir I

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2018

I’ve been pushing for this for years, and finally the Russians themselves are coming around to it.

Wall Street Journal:

The last time term limits forced Russian leader Vladimir Putin to step down from the presidency, he became prime minister for a few years.

This time around, a group of pro-Kremlin activists has a different idea: Proclaim him Czar Vladimir.

“We will do everything possible to make sure Putin stays in power as long as possible,” Konstantin Malofeyev, a politically active businessman, said recently to thunderous applause from hundreds of Russian Orthodox priests and members of the country’s top political parties gathered at a conference outside Moscow. They were united by one cause—to return the monarchy to Russia.
While there are no plans to crown a new Emperor and Sovereign of All the Russias, as part of the royal title once went, the idea raises the possibility Mr. Putin could stay beyond the two-term limit the constitution allows.

The Kremlin has given little sign of who may succeed Mr. Putin when his six-year term ends in 2024, leaving many to speculate, sometimes wildly, about what’s next.

“What has Russia done in the last 30 years; it’s resurrected an empire and chosen an emperor,” said Mr. Afanasiev, adding that Mr. Putin’s lack of a noble birth wasn’t a problem.

Serge Kapnist was born and raised in France, but claims the title of count in Russia from his ancestors who he says fled revolutionary Russia. He said no matter how it starts, you have to make sure it continues. “Sustainability is the most important thing here,” he said.

“You have as many different kinds of monarchies as you have monarchs,” said Mr. Malofeyev.

Russia hasn’t had a ruling czar since 1917, when Nicholas II abdicated the throne under pressure from revolutionaries.
Mr. Malofeyev says his Double-Headed Eagle group, named after a symbol on Russia’s coat of arms, is flourishing; the number of regional branches grew by almost half this year to more than 50. Started in 2016, the group says it wants to enlighten people about Russia’s pre-Soviet past and resurrect Russian traditions. It is trying to bring back czarist-era names of towns and streets, as well as the monarchy.

We are a very paternalistic society,” said Mr. Malofeyev, adding that Russians are returning to their historical roots.

Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov, a one-time member of the Soviet Union’s foreign intelligence service who is now deputy chairman of the Double-Headed Eagle, said he had a conversation about monarchy last year with Mr. Putin.

There is no one in Russia prepared to take over from Putin. It’s a mess, generally.

Him resigning in 2024 would be stupid, and I very much doubt he will do it whether or not he is made monarch.

But making him monarch would send a clear signal to the rest of the world that Russia is not going to go along with their entirely regressive “democracy” nonsense, a point which they have previously not made sufficiently.

Furthermore, Russia is plagued with middle-management types who run certain aspects of the society and restrain President Putin’s power. It isn’t anywhere near as bad as what we have in America, blocking We the People from access to President Trump, but it is the same sort of thing. This bureaucracy.

Becoming monarch would allow him to abolish that manager class, or at least force them to bend to his will.

The only reason that the Czar was removed in Russia was because Jews overthrew the government by stirring up a peasants’ revolt. It was good that Stalin came through and killed all the Jews, put them in camps, etc. But obviously, he had no reason to reinstate the monarchy, because he was not in the bloodline. And it was easier for him to keep on with the red flag thing rather than to push for making himself monarch, because Jews had already poured all of that meme energy into communism.

At this point, there is no logical reason why Russia would not return to monarchy. All of this nonsense about how a monarchy couldn’t exist in the modern world is just dumb, bad faith argumentation. There is no specific reason at all why a monarchy could not run a modern country. We know that it functions better than democracy, as an absolute fact, so even if it isn’t the best system of government, it is better than what is running most countries right now.

Democracy is a failed, corrupt, degenerate system of government, which does nothing but destroy countries. It is a Jewish system.

I’m a supporter of the American Constitution, but it is true that America moved into democracy without a shot being fired. So it is therefore less strong than the monarchies, which could only be removed from power through violence from their own people or from an outside power.

The problem presently is that Putin has two daughters. And that is a problem. But he also has a young girlfriend, and could have a son if he was under pressure to do so.