YES: Swedish Teacher Believes That Increased Immigration Can End Sweden’s Wildfires

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2018

Owing to the intense summer heat, a large number of wildfires swept across northern Sweden these last few weeks. Some of those fires are still ongoing, threatening the lives of numerous Old Swedes.

Finland received some criticism over their handling of this crisis. Instead of offering to help, they decided to rub their hands quite Jewishly and laugh as Sweden burned to the ground.

You know, like in the meme.

A possible reason why Finland decided to whip out the popcorn rather than offer immediate aid is because Sweden is filled with lunatics that want to transform Scandinavia into Mogadishu.

Case in point: Andreas Magnusson, a teacher of “religion and ethics” who believes that a generous influx of hajis will put an end to the country’s forest fires!


It never fires in Swedish forests, but forest fires have been common in Sweden at all times. According to the Civil Protection and Preparedness Authority, we usually have an average of 4,800 forest fires a year and during the most firefighting months there are about 32 fires a day. There is a way to stop forest fires and that is to increase immigration.

Tell us more, Andreas…

Sweden is a country with approximately 10 million inhabitants and an area of 447 435 square meters. This makes Sweden the world’s 56th largest country. If you look at population density, Sweden is so crowded that we will end up in place 158 of 196 on the world list. There is plenty of space in Sweden.

Is this a Jewgle translate error, or just Swedish logic in action?

This site is found mainly in northern Sweden and consists of forests. We have more forest than we can handle. The growth rate is now clearly greater than the rate of harvesting. There are simply more and more forests in the country. If you want to be a bit drastic you can say that Sweden is about to grow again.

A difference between Sweden and, for example, Finland is that they have a more extensive road network in forest areas. This road network creates natural fire fires at forest fires. In Sweden, we do not have as many roads in our forest areas because there are too few people in these areas.

Yeah, but that’s not the only difference between Sweden and Finland, is it?

For one, Sweden is full of hajis, while Finland is full of Finns. Finland is so full of Finns, in fact, that one haji let us know how much it disgusted her:

So, one way to prevent wildfires in northern Sweden (because, apparently, natural fires are a more pressing long-term issue than the whole “rape capital of the world” thing) is to increase the density of white natives in unpopulated areas, much like Finland did.

However, in true Swedish style, Andreas makes it clear that he’s only interested in colored folk:

The rural areas are depleted but in many places business and other social services can be saved thanks to influx of foreign citizens. Laxå is an example of an extremely poor Swedish municipality which, in principle, had not managed without immigration. There are many more examples.

We also need to make sure to re-populate sparsely populated areas and inhabited areas that today represent people’s homes. To make it possible, we may need to give more people asylum and increase labor immigration. It will be very important that we invest in the rural areas properly and that we actively work for better integration of all new citizens. Sweden may eventually become a real growth country, where extensive forest fires are unusual.

Wew, a northern Sweden where forest fires are unusual, but car fires are a daily occurrence.

Quite a solution you’ve got there, m8.

And remember: this man works as a high school teacher. He goes to school each morning and teaches impressionable boys that Swedes are the disease and Moslems are the cure.

I mean, he probably doesn’t put it that way, but that’s the gist of his argument.

Ovenworthy stuff.