Yiddish Fiends Rage After Bolsonaro Says Holocaust Should be Forgiven

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 14, 2019

Brazilian President Bolsonaro has adopted the idiot cuckservative line that “the Nazis were the real leftists,” which somehow angers both Jews and Nazis.

He took it a step further this weekend, saying “forgive but not forget.”

Of course the Israeli government has to get involved if you suggest that it is time to move on from a 70-year-old Jewish hoax.


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro drew veiled rebukes from Israel on Saturday after saying the Nazi genocide of the Jews during World War Two could be forgiven.

The far-right Bolsonaro made a solidarity visit to Israel last month during which he raised eyebrows by asserting, after a tour of the Holocaust memorial Yad Vadshem, that the Nazis had been “leftists.”

Addressing a group of Brazilian evangelicals on Thursday, Bolsonaro said: “We can forgive, but we can’t forget. That’s my phrase. Those who forget their past are condemned not to have a future.”

But President Reuven Rivlin, whose role in Israel is largely ceremonial, wrote on Twitter: “Whether they be individuals or organizations, party heads or heads of state, no one will ordain the Jewish people’s forgiveness, nor can this be obtained through any interest.”

Yad Vashem said in a separate statement: “It is no one’s place to decide who can be forgiven and whether there should be forgiveness for the crimes of the Holocaust.”

You know who can’t be forgiven?

The fucking Jews.

They cannot be forgiven because they never stop.

Every time we have forgiven them in the past – whether it be for kidnapping white children and drinking their blood in a satanic ritual, for poisoning wells, for running their sickening financial scams, or for any of their other disgusting behavior – they always come back and do the exact same thing again.

And their biggest crime of all was hoaxing this stupid Holocaust myth, and using it as the replacement foundation of the entirety of Western Civilization.

Everything comes back to this idiot hoax, of which there is absolutely zero evidence to support.

The basic rule of the entire world is that white people are not allowed to have their own countries, to have pride in their achievements, or to even exist, because if they are allowed to do that, they will go insane and start committing genocides.

The Holocaust is the justification for absolutely everything they do to us.

And it simply did not happen.

It is a hoax.

But the fact that they would foist such a hoax on us means that they absolutely do deserve to be stuffed in gas chambers and racially exterminated.