Yids Flip Lids Over Harry Potter Banker Goblin – “This Greedy Demon Creature is Us!”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2019

What exactly does it say about Jews that when they see this:

They think “THAT’S US”?

Because that was their exact response to this exhibit at a Harry Potter theme park.

Jew children’s author Marianne Levy writes for the Jewish Chronicle:

It is not often that I am stopped in my tracks. But the press photography from the new Gringotts wing of Warner Bros’ Harry Potter Studio tour positively shrieked with antisemitic tropes; the long-nosed goblin, his natty suit, clawed fingers caressing a pile of gold coins. When I positioned a Gringotts shot alongside a series of cartoons from Nazi Germany’s Der Stürmer, it did not seem out of place.

I do not, I cannot believe that JK Rowling is an antisemite. Gringotts aside, neither her books nor her public face would suggest it was so. All I can think is that these images are now so deep in the collective subconscious that even in this era of apparent ‘wokeness’, they can sit squarely in the public domain, their problematic nature apparently unnoticed. A loathsome proxy Jew as children’s entertainment? Why not? Many do know why not. But when I tweeted the Gringotts press shots I had replies saying that the antisemitic symbolism was coincidental, or that they did not see why there was an issue.

Personally, if I were the Jews, I would not announce to the world that when I see a greedy goblin demon creature, I assume that it is a depiction of me.

Especially in the context of Harry Potter, which has literally become a religious text of the shitlib j-left.

And I would definitely not make the astonishing claim that the image of Jews as evil, grotesque, money-grubbing monsters is fundamentally embedded in the collective subconscious. Because this puts Jews on the level of snakes and spiders as something that we are literally born with a fear of, because it is encoded in our DNA, due to them having been a threat for some many millennia.

Throughout all of recorded history and before, snakes are symbols of evil, because they are subconsciously understood as a danger. They are venomous and they bite. So the evil creature in the Bible is a serpent. And every other ancient story has an evil snake.

All the way up to modern children’s entertainment.

And modern adult entertainment.

And when you see a snake, you are naturally afraid of it, even if you have never seen a snake before, because that fear is hardwired into your genes.

Publicly announcing that Jews share that same status in the collective subconscious is to me totally insane and irresponsible.

But Jews really just can’t help themselves.

Because you know: they have the reverse.

White people are etched into their collective subconscious as an eternal threat to their existence.

Russians in particular, now that the Romans don’t really exist anymore.

But it’s all white people.

Which is why even though we are completely neutered and incapable of presenting any threat whatsoever to them, they are still in the process of committing genocide against us.