You Can Buy a Lot of Heroin for $6.4 Million

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 8, 2015

A settlement has been reached in the case of an innocent unarmed (besides an illegal knife) teen who was brutally murdered by White (also Black) cops when they drove a van wrong.

Freddie Gray was a career heroin dealer, and the family is expected to put the money back into this lucrative family business.

This is 50 million dollars worth of heroin seized from some colorfuls in New York. So the Gray family will be able to afford more than ten percent of this amount, as they try to rebuild the family business after their son's death.
This is 50 million dollars worth of heroin seized from some colorfuls in New York. So the Gray family will be able to afford more than ten percent of this amount, as they try to rebuild the family business after their son’s death.

Wall Street Journal:

City officials have agreed to a $6.4 million settlement proposal with the family of Freddie Gray, whose death in April from spinal injuries he suffered while in police custody sparked protests and rioting.

The proposed settlement came just over a month before the first of the six Baltimore police officers charged in Mr. Gray’s death is scheduled to stand trial. The agreement doesn’t affect the criminal proceedings against the officers. The proposal still needs final approval from the city’s five-member spending panel, the Board of Estimates, which is slated to take up the matter Wednesday.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said Tuesday that the agreement “should not be interpreted as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of the officers facing trial.” Charges against some officers include second-degree murder and manslaughter. All have pleaded not guilty.

Well, it seems to be a judgment that Gray was not responsible for his own death, despite the fact he was lawfully arrested and a witness says he was beating his own head against the wall of the police van “trying to injure himself.”

Gray was known to friends and family as a good boy who didn't do nothing.
Gray was known to friends and family as a good boy who didn’t do nothing.

So “admitting” it was the city’s fault is obviously an accusation of guilt against the accused officers. Saying otherwise just sounds insane.

Six White racist cops conspired to murder heroin dealer Freddie Gray by driving a van wrong because they hate the color of his skin.
Six White racist cops conspired to murder heroin dealer Freddie Gray by driving a van wrong because they hate the color of his skin.

How making this type of settlement, which will clearly have an effect on the trial, before the trial, is even legal is unclear.

But very little is clear these days, so don’t think too hard on it.


  1. This is going to create a whole new dindu industry in the U.S. THey’ll start killing one of their family members and blaming the cops hoping to win one of these government lotteries. There are some literally thinking about it right now, you can be. 6 million, good God, I can’t wait until Crack-rock Obozo is out of office.

  2. This is a friendly reminder, if your heroine isn’t marked organic it has been stored in plastic baggies which leech BPA & will disrupt your testosterone levels. Have a nice day and do try not to overdose.

  3. I was really disappointed with the media coverage over Freddie Greys death.
    It didn’t seem to be mention how he would take the money from selling heroine and investing back into the streets and neighborhoods to improve the impoverished blight they been forced to live in by white criminals.

  4. The Gray household today

  5. That’s the twilight zone episode of a niggers existence being worth somewhere between 40 cents and 3 dollars

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  8. Like winning the lottery

  9. It is parasitism, facilitated by the king of parasitism the Jews.

  10. The black lives matter crowd made a martyr out of a lowlife drug dealer.
    Wall mural, candlelight vigils, a big cash payout to the family which they will piss away in a couple of years on weaves, grape drink and overpriced rims and stereos worth more than the cars they put them on. That’s SOP for niggers who win the lottery. And they still won’t pay car insurance.
    AmeriKa went full retard and we live in an Orwellian asshole factory where Big Brother is a Marxist jew…and he just won’t stop fucking with us.

  11. I see lots of hoes, Escalades, strip clubs, concert tickets, weed, and flashy bling in the Gray family’s future. Oh, and Bankruptcy.

  12. This scum bag family gets 6.4 million of taxpayers cash CUZ their son was a thug nigger rat and 6 innocent cops are still in jail and haven’t even been given a trial date. The “Justice system ” is beyond fucked up. And still all my friends sit around “Yep can’t wait for Beast Mode, NFL starting up soon.” LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER!

  13. It is time to break away from Baltimore. Baltimore should be declared its own nation and we should build a huge wall around it.

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  14. This is absolutely crazy. It is sickening to my stomach to think that this ape family are getting rich beyond our comprehension just because the little shit that they shat out decided to be a criminal and then committed suicide in the back of a police van because he could not control his high testosterone levels and be a civilised human being when caught.

    We are finished as a nation. the US is completely finished. The parasite that has infested us has won. They literally control the dialogue on all sides. They completely control everything that even White Americans read and watch. We have to dig and dig and dig to find the truth about any story.

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  15. They don’t know what they’re doing. When have blacks ever run ANYTHING well?

  16. How the fuck is a shitbag like Mr. Gray worth 6.5 Mil? I would have assumed the city would settle out of court for something like 35k, just to be done with it.

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  18. On a side note – I shit you not, since in this particular situation the three black police officers don’t fit the narrative, I’ve heard some niggers refer to them as White African-Americans.

    The delusional is real, folks.

    • Well when blacks speak English properly they’re often accused of “talking white”. When they try to better themselves and have some sort of career, pursue an education etc. they’re accused of being Uncle Toms who work for “The Man”. We know that they can never be as intelligent or successful as we are simply due to evolution, but they’re dragged down a whole lot further by lazy, stupid, 70 IQ, niggers.

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  19. my calculation result:the money will be blown in less than 90 days ….then the fambly will comeback on tv saying that its because it wasnt enough and spent most of it to help other nigger ‘in da communitah’

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