You Should be Red-Pilling People IRL

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2018

This movement doesn’t really go anywhere if its ideas aren’t being spread. That means trying to red-pill people IRL from time to time.

And yes, I know. Normies suck.

But that’s no excuse for inaction on our part.

See, the thing is, most people are not really fully red-pillable. They operate in accordance with social pressure and group dynamics. There’s a barren desert with tumbleweeds where their critical faculties should be.

Worse, they may be quite clever, but completely unconcerned with Truth and only with saying the right things to be able to socially climb.

Whether they are unthinking or unscrupulous, these people are in the majority in any society.

But that’s fine. You don’t need them in your vanguard – your book clubs, your forums, your intellectual cadres.

But you do need them neutral at the very least. 

You will never be able to convert most people, but you need them to not hate you at the very least. 

This is where a less often talked about aspect of red-pilling comes in.

Most people will not join your red-pilled book club or get on board with your White Nationalism talking points. 

But there is a world of difference between a lemming and an activist for Antifa or the J-Left.

If society is ten percent our guys and ninety percent Antifa, we lose every time. 

But if society is ten percent our guys, ten percent Antifa and eighty percent neutral, then we’ve got a really good shot. 

And if some of that eighty percent is somewhat positively inclined to our ideas, then we’ve already got a coalition forming.

So, when you go out to red pill, try considering the possibility that fully converting someone to our cause is not your primary objective.

Your primary objective is to turn a hostile into a neutral. 

And you do this by poking holes in their ideas.

So you’re for tolerance, eh random white girl? You’ll look cute in a hijab. And I guess your son doesn’t really need his dick, I’m sure the doctors will do a good job turning him into a cute girl.

You ask them why they don’t live in the ghetto where the diversity they love so much lives.

You ask them why they know exactly how many Jews died in World War II, but can’t name the casualty figures for their own nation’s fallen.

Remember: your job is not to get normal people to Sieg Heil in front of media cameras with you.

Your job is just to get them to shut up. To not go out in the streets with Antifa or whatever pussyhat protest flavor du jour Soros-sponsored march. To make them feel doubt about their worldview – enough so that they won’t militantly try to spread it.

And look, we’ve already got a solid vanguard of young White men on the Alt-Right.

Our numbers continue to grow despite the unprecedented censorship campaign against us. Our radicalism and taboo status means that more and more “action” oriented people will continue flocking to us. So don’t worry so much about finding recruits to march in jackboots with us to take over Washington or something drastic lol.

Think instead about neutralizing people who would otherwise perhaps drift into the opposite camp. 

Lately, whenever I hang out with a group of introverted nationalists who love to hole up in some dingy bar, gnash their teeth at the world and never venture out to red-pill others, I try to get them to change their ways.

I try to get them to go out and red-pill from time to time.

Naturally, they look at me like I’m proposing to extract teeth from them with rusty pliers. Or they just stick their noses back into their craft beers and mumble under their breath.

It’s pointless. The normies won’t listen. I don’t want to even try. 

And I just want to slap them upside the head sometimes.

No, they won’t listen immediately. There have to be…perks and consequences for most people to adopt an ideology. Most people are simply not ideologues. They are herd creatures. And we don’t have any structural incentives to get people to join us.

But we are still capable of disrupting their worldview – and that can be fun.

Now, I understand that if you’re an antisocial, autistic and introverted individual, the prospect of having to get out of your comfort zone absolutely terrifies you. I get that. 

In fact, it’s probably best that you don’t even try. If you trip and spill your spaghetti, that’ll just reflect poorly on us and our ideas.

But assuming that you had some rudimentary social skills before you got red-pilled and depressed, now’s the time to try and get back on the horse and start neutralizing normies.

I like to use the tactical nihilism method myself.

Saying demoralizing shit like, “in the future, everyone is going to either be a Moslem or a Nazi” has a powerful effect.

Or stuff like, “diversity leads to conflict, race war is inevitable, liberalism will die out.”

You should also act as if their ideas are uncool and out of vogue, “oh you’re a liberal? How cute. Hey look guys, we’ve got a dinosaur over here. That’s so 2016.”

I’ve basically been able to gaslight several lefties in my casual acquaintance circle into accepting that their views are simply uncool, the minority and that they’re somehow defective for thinking them.

As a result, I can get away with openly saying that I’m not very fond of brown people and if some newcomer in the group tries to object they get bullied into silence by the rest of the group – who wants to keep the peace and agree to disagree.

This is a startling improvement from when I first found them. 

Now, they’re not going to go out into the streets to actively defend white interests…but they won’t get in the way either. Because they have begun to doubt the righteousness of the mainstream morality narrative enough that they aren’t willing to defend it.

It’s about subtly changing the social paradigm of what is and is not acceptable to think and feel.

So consider getting back out there and doing your part to sow dissension and demoralization in the ranks of our detractors.

Since you’re probably banned on Twitter at this point anyway – what do you have to lose at this point?